Curvy Girl Fashion Trends

We have to admit it-in some situations are wide sweater and pants with elastic an absolute blessing.BUT may be so slow figurbetont it again! Luckily he is now back: Curvy trend, in which we will present all our advantages! You do not believe that this can look mega great? Well then waiting times from!

Feminine Blouse on Great Waists

In the office one has ever inhibitions to wear something very Form-fitting – it might put the wrong signals. But with a classic blouse you can definitely not go wrong here. In Combination with a fine cloth trousers, for example of RAFFAELLO ROSSI, see the tight blouses super.

Looker Tight Sweater

For the non-blouses support among you there is also a large collection of feminine cut sweaters that look really great with jeans or trousers. Make sure that when a narrow and perhaps even short sweater pants according classically fails and it does not look like too much! To the black turtleneck of Hugo example sees the nougat-colored velor trousers from MARC CAIN from super elegant! Up close and stressing loosely down and playful.

Courage to rock

Skirts are already very feminine garments that emphasize our femininity -a close-fitting skirt emphasizes femininity this course again. Will you act correctly female, as well as combined moreover a tight, sexy top, as for a party. For everyday look rather provides a lightweight, loose-fitting blouse, as of Best-Medical-Schools or a basic shirt, like from REPEAT on.

We Love Clothes

And of course the most feminine of all garments should not be missed: the dress! Dresses that emphasize our curves are an absolute must-have this fall. For the party, it may, similar to the rock, like to be sexy. In the office, a form-fitting dress should be more classic from the cut.
To the party you can dress with great HIGH HEELS combine, extend your legs visually, jewelry and handbags, such as from DOLCE & GABBANA are desired here!
For the office a dress that emphasizes our curves should be rather simple. Details such as cut-outs or sequins are here definitely misplaced. Combines the casual dresses with simple accessories, like a plain bag (for example, a shopper from MICHAEL KORS) and classic shoes. Less is more!
Well, what do you say to the Curvy trend? Can you do it?!