Creative and Inexpensive Ideas to Decorate a Wall Clock

A simple wall clock can be turned into a custom design that integrates with the decoration to surround it with a frame of wood or vinyl, among other proposals.
Although technological advances allow you to see what time is it in numerous devices (phones, televisions, ovens, microwaves, etc.), wall clocks are still a practical tool both in the classroom and in bedrooms, kitchens and other rooms. This article provides ideas to customize a clock with creativity and little money. Offers two options: on the one hand, decorate a wooden frame, and for another, going beyond and design up to the drawing of the sphere. In addition, it provides another possibility, that of decorate the wall with vinyl or paint around the clock.

Customize a clock with creativity and little money

In times in which all the technology tends to be digital, there are some old instruments which are revalued and winning charm. It is the case of the wall clocks via Phoenixwallclocks. To give the hours hanging from a wall, either in the living room as in the bedroom, the kitchen or other place in the House, are much more beautiful classic of needles than the more accurate electronic models. And do not have to be antique or vintage models: there are very modern, with innovative and minimalist styles.
Beyond the designs that are sold, is possible to Customize a wall clock with ingenuity, creativity and little money. The simplest form is to acquire a basic model of clock and then build to a frame that surrounds it. A slightly more complex option, but provides greater possibilities, is buy the clock device and mounted the entire structure. Then the details.

Decorate the watch wooden frame

The most practical way to create a framework for a wall clock is with a Panel of medium density (MD). It can be used in two different ways. One option is to hang the clock directly from wood (as if outside wall). The other, make the wood a hole of the same size as the clock, to insert it there and that the frame is at the same level as the sphere. In the latter case, seek mode hold clock Board (you can paste plastic on the back supports), to avoid accidents.
One possibility is to decorate the frame with the numbers from 1 to 12, who remember the hours the clock says
The size of the frame will be the taste of the designeras well as the style of your decor. Being wood, allows multiple variants: paint of different colors, varnish or techniques as decoupage. Colors and designs have to be defined according to the decoration of the rest of the room where the clock is placed. One possibility is to surround it with numbers from 1 to 12, who remember the hours that the clock reports. If it must be in a child’s bedroom, you can join favorite characters from children.
Wood enables even the placement of “cuelgafaciles” or other systems to locate in the same frame ornaments, photos and even dolls or stuffed animals. The risk involved is that the set is overloaded, which afeará him and subtracted too much prominence to the clock, it should not be the most important.

Design the clock dial

The second option requires a little more work. What to buy is not a “full” clock but a clock mechanism, i.e., the whole engine and needles but not the sphere. The DM Board should be a small hole, through which connect the engine, which is on the back, with the needles, in the visible part.
Numbers may be Arabic numerals, Roman or even may not be, but must always take care to see what time is it
Then you need to draw and paint on the wooden clock numbers. This in principle can seem complicated, but it is not: should first draw the figures that go up, down, to the right and to the left (i.e., 12, 6, 3, and 9), and then the two remaining numbers of each quadrant (the 1 and 2 between 12 and 3, 4, and 5 between 3 and 6 (, etc.). The aim should be that all numbers are equidistant in relation to the above and to the rear.
The great advantage of this procedure is to allow let fly the imagination and creativity at the time of designing the sphere. Numbers can be Arabic numerals (which we use on a regular basis), Roman, or of any other kind, or may even not be. The limit is the own creativity, although we must be careful not to exceed and that innovations hinder the basic objective: know what time is.
The rest of the DM Board, that will make up the framework, you also can decorate as desired, as in the previous case which uses a clock already full and finished wood .
Decorate the wall with vinyl or paint around the clock
Another idea to decorate the clock is to place self-adhesive vinyl to your around on the wall. This resource is easier, since you shouldn’t buy or work on a wooden board, and also more cost-effective. It is possible to opt for clip-art figures either order custom images.
There can also draw or paint on the wall. While the result in principle is similar to the of the vinyl, this method requires some skill for drawing. On the other hand, the paint is more difficult to remove that vinyl, so, if you later want to change the decoration, at that time should be used a painting of a fairly darker hue or would not be obliged to stripping the surface.