Create Your Own QR Code with Your HTC Smartphone

Whether on billboards in Metro stations or in magazines: the black and white QR codes have now arrived in everyday life. To the human eye, they are only a seemingly random arrangement of pixels, smartphones are able to interpret so encrypted information with special software but. You can create simple and versatile – their functions beyond namely that of one-dimensional codes such as the bar codes usual on food.
With QR Codes Information since 1994 is Encrypted
QR codes (“quick response” codes) developed in 1994, encrypted to represent lots of information in a small space. These can be interpreted with simple readers and even work, if a piece of code is missing or is dirty. The square, two-dimensional codes contain different number, encrypted information depending on the number of displayed items. These are shown in a so-called matrix of black and white dots. The binary system is based on the encryption.
Depending on the amount of data that is to be rendered, a QR code contains many different modules. Position markers are always available in three corners, synchronization elements, information about the version of the code, a format specification and a field for the alignment. The information content of QR codes varies from minimum 21 x 21 (441) elements to out to maximum 177 x 177 (31.329) elements. Thus, approximately 7,000 decimal digits or 4,300 alphanumeric characters can be represented.
Create Codes with the Smartphone Itself
With the corresponding programs on your smartphone you can not only decrypt QR codes, but encrypt itself data in this form. For this you need a QR code generator. Such apps are available in the Google play store as well as on iTunes to download free. An Android application, with which you can generate the royalty-free QR codes, for example the QR droid, on the iPhone you can use inter alia the QR code maker.
In such applications, you’re usually the choice whether you want to encrypt a text, a website, a phone number or a contact as a QR code. In addition, full messages, for example, SMS or emails can formulate before and recipient data. Who deciphered the code must only confirm sending the message. Who wants to create the QR code directly with your Smartphone, you can use also websites like or The finished code is issued in different image file formats and can be printed, posted, sent or otherwise shared.

For Your Own Business Cards and Ads Use the QR-Code
QR codes are used in the public rooms mainly by companies for promotional purposes. You can use the so-called mobile-tagging makes sense but also in the private sector. Who offers, for example, his car on the Internet for sale, can install a link to the offer in the form of a QR code on the vehicle. To obtain rapid access to all important information. You can create a business card in the form of code, you saves the tedious typing and save all contact data acquaintances. Or surprise friends with a text that you encrypted transmit them via QR code.

  • The two-dimensional QR codes contain encrypted information, maximum about 4,300 alphanumeric characters
  • With a corresponding app you can create QR code with your Smartphone yourself and share with friend
  • Use of mobile tagging to submit additional information, for example, for extensive links, virtual business cards, pre-made E-Mails or SMS