Cramping in Pregnancy: Learn More

Cramping during pregnancy are normal?
During the period of pregnancy the mother-to-be body suffers with several modifications, some that can cause a lot of insecurities and curiosities. The cramps are among the facts that cause most concern in pregnant women, especially by the fact they can mean a serious problem at the beginning of pregnancy, but also can not determine anything, only changes in the body.
Carry a baby in the belly causes a pressure on the muscles, ligaments, veins and other internal tissues of the body, so it’s nothing out of the ordinary to feel some discomfort, including cramps. Generally these tend to improve pain and relieve so that the pregnant woman is a relaxing position. Otherwise, if the pain persist and still appear symptoms such as fever, bleeding, chills, vomiting and pain urinating, it is best to seek the guidance of your (ua) (a).
Colic and a persistent pain in the back can give the signal of a false labor. Who causes this is the pressure in the pelvic area and into the rectum. Usually it is common to feel this kind of discomfort in the last weeks of pregnancy. For some women the pain is relieved by laying, walking, applying hot water bottle or taking a warm bath.
The cramps accompanied by bleeding and pain in my lower belly during the period of the first three months can mean a spontaneous approach, so keep an eye out and keep medical monitoring with your expert always.