Country Belts for Clothes for Women and Men

In today’s post we will talk about the country belts that can complement the visual and still be functional. Continue reading the text to confer tips on both women and men of how to use the country belt with a lot of style.

How to use women’s country belts

The belt is a very common accessory in the wardrobe of most cowgirls. Among his chores, he can mark the waist in a charming manner, give a special touch to the look without exaggerating or even disguising clothes that are or are too wide. With or without buckle, this item can be the protagonist of the visual or be that detail that makes all the difference. You will see that it is possible to completely change the style when wearing a belt!

We have selected some suggestions of how women can include some types of belt in the look without worrying about making mistakes. See!

Belt with a country stamp buckle: This is the type of article that can easily be the protagonist of a composition. Opt for a simple jeans skirt and a neutral shirt and let the buckled belt give the special touch. And remember that it is possible to purchase the separate buckles of the remainder of the article. We also recommend that the blouse or shirt stay inside the skirt. Thus, the buckle gains its due prominence. You want to know more? Check out other tips on how to wear belt buckle.

Belt with animal print: Great for those who like to use pieces with animal prints. And cowgirls can combine a bovine animal stamp with a pair of jeans and a flat blouse. To be perfect, add the Western hat to the same shade of the belt color. Legitimate Country girl!

Wide belt: This type of accessory combines very well with smooth dresses. It’s worth remembering that the wide belt can make a type of division into any kind of female body, be it thinner or wider.  Here at you can get more different models and styles. However, we on the West Rodeo team, we know well that each one has its taste. Here we just pass a few suggestions for you to analyze and decide if you want to follow. After all, the personality at the time to be dressing is essential!

Fine Belt: Ideal for the day when choosing to wear a marked waist dress. And if he has the bottom round is better yet! We also recommend for women with no sharp curves on the hip or waist, as it becomes a complementary and charming accessory. If you want to make the look even more original, place a Western boot and a neutral-colored cowgirl hat.

Check out other tips on how to use country belts.

Now know other tips that can make all the difference when using belt

How to use other accessories: as the belt is a powerful accessory, other parts such as necklaces, bracelets and rings can stay in the background. Of course it is possible to combine everyone with the belt, it is only interesting to take care not to exaggerate. For example, if you use a large belt buckle, choose smaller collars. And if you still want to exaggerate another item, a big-stop earring might be a good idea.

Attaching the belt: it is possible to use the belt normally simply by passing through the buckle or in a different way. Instead of going through the buckle, how about making a tie? A different alternative is to mix various types of belts and leave them tied or just closed. Just remember that if you want to dare with various types of belts, it is important that they combine with each other and also with all the look. And if at the end of everything, you find that the amount of belts or the way they are closed/tethered can weigh in the visual, simply take or change.

How to use male country belts

The male country belt can also be used with more than one function: hold the trousers and complement the visual. See!

Belt with a country stamp buckle: This accessory is a classic in the cowboy closet. Versatile, it combines easily with other parts such as jeans, shirt, country hat and western boot. Of course, you need to evaluate the shades so that the visual does not become a great carnival of colors.

Now check out some care that men may have with the way to use this item

Bottom: The man who owns the bottom of the body larger than the rest can opt for thicker belts and without many details. Another recommendation is not to exaggerate the level in the buckle. By following these advice, the body will not be marked or divided.

Top: Thinner belts can get better on the cowboy that has the lower part than the rest of the body. Of course, if the man is taller, it is recommended that the belt be thicker, but without exaggeration.

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