Corset: Tips, How to Use

The corset is a piece that leaves any woman more sensual, because it lowers the waist, outlining the female body well. Originally, it was created to be an intimate piece, but as time went on, women began to dare and it is often left completely on display, mainly because it is a beautiful, elegant and sensual piece.So here are some tips on how to wear a corset.

Also learn how to use the corset, derived from the corset, in: How to Use Corsets – Tips.

With Pants Jeans

Since the corset is already full of details like ribbons, ruffles and flowers, the best way to wear it is with jeans without many embellishments. Thus, the attention is focused on where it matters, that is, for your bust. On the feet, a simple shoe or sneaker.

With Black Pants

This is also a great way to wear the corset, because the black is neutral and will make the corset the star of your look. The black pants can be made in any material and can be any model, from the skinny jeans to the pants.

With Shorts

The corset matches very well with shorts. But beware of their length because if they are too short, theirlook will be vulgar. So, prefer ordinary shorts, preferably the more social ones that are more casual or the jeans. To make the look more feminine, wear a frilly blouse over the corset.

With Skirt

You can compose different looks with the skirt, but as with the shorts, pay close attention to the length. The skirt should be at least to the knees. It can be made from any fabric and on various types of models, as long as the pieces are evenly balanced. Therefore, know how to choose the colors and details of each dress.

To Kill Any Man

And for those special nights with your love, use and abuse the power of seduction that only the corsethas. With a garter belt, pantyhose and high heels, the corset has a look that appeals to any man, as the woman becomes powerful, beautiful and erotic.

The corset is a must have item in any woman’s closet, after all, for many times, can serve as a joker in the composition of your look, since it can be combined with different pieces of clothing.

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