Copy & Paste – The New Trend Towards Jogging Pants

The spring seems to be really cozy, because I like the new jogging pants trend! Light fabrics, narrow cuts and many styling possibilities. My look to reorder.
First of all it was the leggings which made us unsexy in the eyes of the men. At the sight they have now become accustomed to hopefully. This year, the jogging trousers become a high fashion piece. Karl Lagerfeld has sometimes claimed who is wearing jogging pants, has lost control of his life as described in lawschoolsinusa. But his latest collection for Chane l shows that he himself seems to have become a bit sloppy, and jogging trousers and sneakers have also arrived in his world.
Of course, the freestyle classics is not presented in Schlabber look, but the jogging pants, as we know it from the cozy Coucha bend, are almost irrevocable. No thick jersey fabric in gray mélange, but light, mainly printed materials, narrow cuts and high shoes.
I like to do with this trend, except that I skip the high heels to jogging pants. Of course, it makes sense to design the sportswear feminine, but I find, even quite casual to sneakers and co. The new models are very street-friendly. The hammers are really the specimens of thin leather. Jogging is of course no longer, but I like the exaggerated contrast. I have left these wide leather pants consciously out of my selection to spare your money bag. Because the more leather needs to be used naturally, the more expensive the parts and pierce the 1,000, – Euro mark.
Topshop really has a huge selection in all imaginable materials, colors and patterns. Likewise you will find in the on line shop of asos a lot of feminine sports pants. Most Modelabels have in this season at least one model in their collection and pants selection. Closed as a jeans version, Schumacher from very light, silky viscose or Zoe Karssen used in sporty jersey. Everyone just as well, that the jogging trousers fit into the own collection quite authentically and naturally.
If you want to try this summer ride, just take care that the leg of the jogging pants is cut narrowly down or the width is gathered by closing cuffs. The fabric should of course be very light in the summer and wildly patterned for my taste. Best with filigree jewelery and light sunglasses styling. Whether high heels or sneakers – I interpret the jogging pants trend for me rather athletic. Pure type thing!