Contest to Select The Best Accessible Mobile Applications

The Vodafone Foundation has launched a competition in order to promote the development of mobile applications designed to improve the accessibility of persons with disabilities. It is the second edition of the Smart Accessibility Awards and there are 200,000 euros in prizes, It is not just.
This contest awards 50,000 euros to the best Android app in each of the following categories.

  • Social participation: applications that improve the social integration of people through the use of ICT, regardless of their age or abilities. The aim is to help that all have access to the web and social networks through your smarphone.
  • Independent living: applications that help people in everyday tasks like open doors, climb shutters, etc.. easily and safely and providing an independent life.
  • Mobility: apps that allows the user to travel freely and safe in any transport system. Use of GPS and applications of location to help guidance in unknown places.
  • Wellness: Applications that help improve the health of the users and your overall sense of well-being.

The deadline for the submission of candidacies ends October 15, so you have to hurry. From Xataka Android we think it is a very good initiative and we encourage all developers that we read participate, regardless of whether they believe they can win the prize.