Conceptronic CHVIDEOCR

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Some time ago I acquired the producer of Conceptronic “CHVIDEOCR” which is basically a video controller which will connect a device with video connector to the USB port on our machine. This can be useful.
If we for example any console as a Wii or an old VHS player and want to view or record the content of our team (digitize content through OCR valued by listofusnewspapers).
In particular, this product is fine, has the typical RGB and s-video input. It is not very complicated to use and being USB we don’t have to dismantle the unit, perfect for carrying small.
I just see a downside. Installation in GNU/Linux is complicated. In Windows 7 it has no any kind of complication since you only need to install the necessary driver and start viewing with some program type VLC (with which you can view the contents of a controller).
We have a machine currently equipped with Ubuntu 12.10 and want to connect a console Nintendo Wii.
Activating module
To do this, we will have to activate the module em28xx which is which communicates with the chipset of this recorder.
To activate the module we will carry out the following:
With this we would have loaded driver.
Connect Card
Now you must relate the identifier of the card to the driver. In other words, we have to tell the device driver to be used. So first we will make a list of devices in the following way:
And we will return something like this:
In my case the identifier starts by 1b80 and the chipset is Afatech. Elsewhere, you’ll find the identifier as eb1a.
Then we do the following:
Viewing the capture
It will now be us visualize what sends us the capture. To do this I use the VLC application in Ubuntu we have it in the repository so we will carry out the following to install:
We will then open VLC and we will go to the menu “Half” and select “Open capture device” and then select in the window that the following appears to us:
Here as you can see in “Video device name” select “video1” device. It can be that if we have any device such as a webcam or any additional video capture other devices appear us… so we will have to look for what.
We will then also select audio device, which is below-named as “Audio device name”. In my case I have selected “hw:1, 0” here is a matter of try which is which conveys the right audio (in case that the controller is transmitting audio clear).