Compact Powder vs Loose Powder

You have to know a lot more than makeup tips to paint your face beautifully.
Calm down! No one needs to be an expert in beauty. But, it is indispensable to know each type of products and its function.
A makeup item that generates confusion is the facial powder. Compact powder or loose powder? Which is better?
The powder is used in the preparation of the skin in makeup. Generally, the preparation of the skin involves the use of the following products of makeup: concealer, foundation and powder. The use of primer is still considered optional and not all the professionals adopt it as a rule.
It is typically applied after the base. For those people who prefer not to do a full makeup every day, they choose the powder and apply it to get the brightness of the skin.
For any type of face, powder has the functions: skin finish, take the shine and define the makeup.
Use one or another kind of powder is all a matter of personal choice. The webpage helps you to choose.

Compact powder or loose powder: what analyze?

  • Characteristics of each type of face powder. The loose powder has finer particles that compact powder. So, it offers a more natural makeup. The compact is a little heavier.
  • Skin type. Dry skin? Oily skin? Combination skin? Generally, the oily skin more fits the loose powder. And, for those who have dry skin, loose powder can show expression lines and wrinkles.
  • Stains, acnes and pimples on the face. The compact covers faces that have these characteristics with the best effect. Some people make the application of loose powder and only retouch some points in the face with the powder. Some people believe that covering the whole face with the compact could hide more little spots, acne and the like.
  • Matte finish. The compact ensures a matte finish for longer. However, the translucent loose powder can also ensure this effect.
  • Touch-ups during the day. The application of powder is much simpler and more practical. It’s perfect for touch-ups during the day.
  • Only the powder on one’s face. In every day life, many people prefer to spend just the powder (without the base). In this case, the compact can be an interesting choice for being heavier and with only your use, it may be enough to hide blemishes, pimples and gives a better finish.

What’s your experience?

Cosmetics technology is becoming more and more advanced and the beauty industry has developed increasingly interesting products. It is impossible to say that a kind of powder is better than another, without considering the experience of these products in each type of face. The secret is to test and observe. And, not to mention that on a special occasion, a kind of powder can work better than another, for example in a party that takes a more permanent makeup.
Each person’s reaction to products can be various. So the most important thing is to forget the fads of the makeup market and see what works best for you! And this does not always mean to oppose the other. Many people can fit well with both types of facial powder-loose or compact. Why not?
Now, tell others. What kind of powder that you use?