Colorful Email Professional

With the BlackBerry, you can have your emails on the go constantly in sight.In the test, you will learn how well suited the Smart phone to make phone calls.
Large display and almost complete QWERTY keyboard: The unit is designed for reading and writing messages. The BlackBerry to BlackBerry, was so far only to have business. Now, T-Mobile offers the E-Mail machine along with the appropriate service for private clients. Whether the news Pro as a cell phone is good? Our test shows it.

Facilities: Good News

The large display is excellent for PDA applications, such as the time and task management. And here are also the strengths of the BlackBerry 7230.
The tri-band device can easily synchronise with Outlook thanks to bundled software. Memory will be 16 MB available. To find older messages or notes, the phone offers a reliable search tool. Otherwise, there are rather average goods: profiles, a calculator and a single game.We miss in particular a built-in handsfree. For call signaling continued unanimous ringtones are used, the BlackBerry is finally not a toy.
Data functions
The Smartphone will be interesting for professional users through its data capabilities.There the browser yourself HTML pages can be calling for one. The BlackBerry GPRS uses to transfer data (class 8). Unfortunately could not change the presettings of T-Mobile in the browser of our test device.
The email service
Similarly, wakes the operator through the E-Mail service. T-Mobile offers free an address, somewhat awkward on “” ends. Other E-Mail accounts were unable to retrieve in the test. Just who uses a POP3 account, which offers a forwarding function, gets messages on the BlackBerry. The advantage: The news land without special queries automatically on your Smartphone. Even Word and Excel attachments the BlackBerry can open and display. The annex is not automatically sent, but remain on the E-Mail Server until the option “View attachment” is selected. Then, the BlackBerry in the test is peu à peu took a Word document. When forwarding the attachments, the BlackBerry caused no problems.
USB interface is available, the data cable and a cradle. The integrated infra – red interface is not supported, remains so useless.

Practice: Finally Color

So far, the BlackBerry showed in the black housing and with a grayscale display as gray mouse. With the 7230, there is the round Brummer now in color. The case blue, the display, it seems fruity friendly and simplifies operation.
Facts & figures
With an area of 56 x 37 mm at a resolution of 240 x 160 pixels, the display on the read and write long text is aligned. The background is a bit dark even with the illumination, yet remains easy to read the display. 113 x 75 x 20 mm size, the BlackBerry is not exactly a light-weight quite broad and 126 grams. The Akkuwerte specifies the manufacturer with 240 hours standby and four hours of talk time. In the test, the Unit held out even longer. The longest call lasted 4:27 hours, then the empty battery ended the conversation.
With a contract without a minimum period, the BlackBerry 7230 for T-Mobile costs around 600 euro.
The QWERTY keyboard is optimized for operation with two thumbs up. The small buttons respond with a cracking pressure point. After some practice, we reliably met the desired letters. Typing of numbers caused difficulties, they hide links in the keypad.
Most of the time we used the phone with one hand. Using a scroll wheel, one moves through the menu options, you enter deeper the menu by pressing the wheel, recovers a little button under the wheel again. This principle is simple, but not exactly effective. Go faster if you invoke functions via the appropriate letter key.
The colour is used only at the top level of the menu. In the messages menu, read and unread messages are distinguished colour. Otherwise show little difference to the solid predecessors. The menu items are clearly marked, so that we could largely dispense with the extensive user manual.
The sound quality of 7230 is not one of the strengths of the BlackBerry. The cell phone is held up to the ear, the interlocutor acts little present, the understanding will be difficult in a noisy environment. With out a headset is already better via Remains a steady background noise, which however never endangered the intelligibility.

Conclusion: For Many Tipsters

Thanks to the QWERTY keyboard and large display, the BlackBerry 7230 is the ideal news headquarters. Wide range of PDA features to be added.
A pity that no conventional POP3 or SMTP accounts get settle with the device. Also missing it Functions such as language choice or integrated handsfree. The email service from T-Mobile is fast and simply furnished.
As well as the Operation generally easy going by hand if not always effective. Here, the device shows disadvantages compared with conventional mobile phones.