Colorama Nail Polish for Bahian Carnival

The Carnival in Brazil is one of the largest and most beautiful ones in the world. Samba schools are established in Rio and Sao Paulo, and scattered through Salvador, Olinda, Recife, various city street blocks. The Brazil becomes a party!
People love to build the look with vibrant colors, fresh clothing, paraphernalia, colorful costumes, confetti and streamer. How about the Carnival costumes?
The Colorama brings a super collection of nail polishes that will freak women out, titled “turn the Baiana”. The Colorama Nail Polish kit was inspired by the Carnival culture.
Colorama Carnival Kit
The Colorama Carnival kit comes with a top coat (“bluish”), which promises to cover other colors and give an “up” with bright blue sparkles.
Glazes: “Squeamish” (enamel pink with Golden shine), “Back” (special effect that reflects the colors Blue and green), “Odalisque” (coral Orange flocked enamel), “Queen of the Drums” (chrome special effect that reflects grayish green and dark blue).
The enamel is the big bet of Colorama in this collection is the “Queen of the Drums”.
Women can pass a color, mix, use the “transforming coverage” (top coat) with another color that already has. The rule is to paint your nails and enjoy the Carnival! Better than that, here are the tips to have healthy nails.
The suggested retail price for the Carnival Kit Colorama is R$ 19.90. Arrives in stores in January (2012), limited edition.
I would now like to know what you think! What did you think of this news to the nails? Approved the collection? Bring your “expert” opinion for the MD!