Close to the Win

Much camera, much phone and abundant music power in a compact package: A few small trips on our test course cost ranked first in our cell phone ranking the N73.
The N73 is a real all-rounder. There’s a 3-megapixel camera for photo enthusiasts, business users can enjoy Office functions and multimedia fans get an ordinary music and video player in the hand.
Optimum conditions for placement near the top on our leaderboards. And indeed: the N73 lands just behind the Nokia N93 in second place of our mobile rankings. In the Smartphone ranking the Finn achieved a good 4th place.

Phone Features: Almost Full Program

The N73 combines all important functions of the phone. Mobile Internet access fun thanks to UMTS and good browser.
Phone functions
The Nokia itself thanks to quad band with all world GSM networks. Voice command and voice dialing are anrufer to facilities such as push-to-talk, as well-and group-based call signaling and a dynamic contact database with which you can manage and maintain over 1,000 contacts. You can also see your counterpart on request via UMTS and video telephony. A small camera above the display ensures that your picture with the appropriately equipped service arrives.
Who must often adjust the device on different environments, will be pleased about the lush profile options. So you can choose from six preinstalled environment profiles, customize it according to your needs, and create up to 20 more custom profiles. An alarm clock that works even in the State switched-off, a recording function for speech and sounds, and an offline mode complete the offer.
Data functions
USB 2.0, Bluetooth, infra-red-up on Wi-Fi, the N73 has all important data interface on board. There is UMTS for quick trips to the World Wide Web. Mobile surfing on the Web was in the test really which is still not a given joy. Reason is the high speed and the really good browser. So can navigate easily by mouse pointer on sites, choose from different views and images either fade in or out.
Good also the email client we liked. All incoming messages (SMS, MMS, email, Bluetooth, infrared) can be found in a Central Inbox, from which you can sort the data structured in folders. Support in establishing the E-mail function, an easy-to-use wizard. Delivery are about 32 of the 42 MB internal memory available-this is very short for a multimedia talent of the caliber of the N73. Especially since Nokia dispenses with the addition of a memory card.

PDA/Multimedia: Businesstaugliches Fun Cell Phone

The mix: Office qualities, coupled with good camera features and strong sound music player.
Who wants to occasionally see Office documents on the phone and wants to send them via E-mail, Bluetooth or infrared, will not be disappointed. With Quickoffice or Acrobat Reader files in Word, Excel, can be at least view PowerPoint and PDF format, though not edit. Appointments and tasks you can enter using the calendar function and manage, and match via data synchronization with the computer (Outlook, Lotus Notes). In the test that was done in less than 2 minutes via USB (1,000 contacts, 100 notes). About 10 went via Bluetooth and infrared about 50 seconds longer in the country. Emails can however not synchronize.
2.048 x 1.536 pixels (3.1 mega pixels) with autofocus and Zeiss Tessar lens with a focal length of 5.6 millimetres (according to DSLRs) hear first well. In practice, the camera not to one hundred percent convinced. Although the photos look just not bad, but the appropriate shutter lag of good 3 seconds is good for turtle race or still lifes.
Some Labs also less well liked, we discovered, for example, unnaturally bright colors and a relatively high noise on the test photos. Macro can be subjects that are up to 8 centimeters in front of the lens, focus – a good value! In the CIF (352 x 288 pixels) format, you can record videos with the N73 until the internal memory or optional memory card is full.
Music player/radio
The MP3 player of the N73 sounds good with the enclosed headphones and  headset accessory already has the default bass properly. If the Barber is not enough for you, you can bring even more SPL at the eardrum via presets or equalizer. What sound rock you just to the ears, does one find out by artist and song title display.
Play and can also text while the player is running. The same is true for the fairly simple knitted, integrated FM radio without RDS support. By the way: a 3.5 millimeter jack plug is missing the N73, if you want to use your own earphones, you must first buy an adapter.

Practice: Sleek And Compact

The N73 is characterized by slight 118 grams, compact dimensions and a good operating concept. Only the creaking plastic bothers.
Facts & figures
Despite its rich filled equipment list, the N73 in the space holding back elegantly. 111 x 49 x 22 mm measures the cell phone at a weight of 118 grams.Rather there during the battery test ballistic rather than Marathon: just over 4 hours the power cell when full power was through-good mediocrity.
Our test device (red white) produced a fresh charm despite plastic finish and makes a welcome change to the otherwise gray black cell phone everyday. If you prefer: the N73 you can get in covered plum-silver (dark-purple silver). The plastic cover of the camera made no robust impression. Also, the case creaks quite strongly. The operation worked easily thanks to Symbian 60 surface in the 3rd stage operating system series.
In the test, we could build your own menu structures, expose important functions in the standby button, and own functions buttons 7. That is still not enough, the can select more functions for quick access with the multimedia button. The keys are far below and are also quite tight angeordnte, something impeding the convenience.
The main function of a mobile phone, namely the telephones, worked with the N73 in the test properly. Both landline and cell phone voices sounded natural and present.
On the Festival website only a few drop-outs and a sometimes fuzzy sound fell on us. The clarity was at risk at any time. We were dissatisfied with the handsfree. The very hard and metallic sound is not good for long talks, moderate volume rules out its use in the car.
Beautiful: The high-resolution display is suited with an area of 36 times 49 millimetres and the high brightness and contrast for the display of images. The display appears a bit too small Fürs relaxed video shows on the phone. For full-screen viewing, the surface is not enough from Office documents (PDF, Excel, etc.).

Conclusion: Give It To Me!

Of all something: the N73 is a multimedia phone and Smartphone in device Union. The Finns but scrimp and save at the store.
With the N73, Nokia has found a good balance of multimedia phone and business smartphone.Who wants or needs, can be a How to contact with database use with as many entries as well as video telephony via UMTS or a really successful Internet browser. Not only business users will be about Quickoffice and the Acrobat Reader happy. That Handling the N73 easily manages even Nokia newcomers. Also liked the lush personalization options.
Multimedia-friends come thanks to 3-megapixel camera and sound strong MP3 player or FM radio at their own expense. But: The memory fails significantly to puny factory. Well 32 MByte range barely for 10 MP3 songs in standard quality. Also missing an additional Memory cardin the package – what is pretty much incomprehensible given the current price of 20 euros for a GB miniSD format. Who wants to make the N73 so fit for large song collections, not get around the overhead for a memory card. Also brought the crackly Plastic armor the N73 little confidence regarding the stability.
You are looking for a camera phone that is on W-LAN and at the factory in store has more memory? Then check this out Nokia N80 on. The chic slide impressed in testing through full phone features, superb craftsmanship and very good multimedia features.