Clinton Hill Classic Menswear

CHCM, representing Clinton Hill Classic Menswear, was a bit of a personal favorite during the shopping trip to New York. The store represents everything this article series is about and is therefore well worth a mention.

The store’s owner Sweetu Patel moved a decade ago to New York from skomeckat Northampton an hour north of London to work in the fashion industry. in 2010, he chose to concentrate on their own online store completely managed from their own apartment in Brooklyn. It went so well in a short time, and the demand was there, it opened a store at the hip.Internet store lives on side-by-side with the physical store and deliver in addition to its own relatively casual brand carefully thought-out brands from the United States and Europe in the first place. When it comes to the non u.s. brands as it is in many cases small producers otherwise cannot be found in the Petsinclude.
Sweetu says that he is obsessed with fashion and in its concept would have a timeless style for everyday life.
A few of the brands that the store and webshop for is: Drake’s, Ovadia & Sons, Monitaly, Private White VC, Macintosh, j. Panther Luggage co., Lavenham and Sunspel. A little extra fun is that they sell Brussels-based Chauncey, which produces very fine knitwear.