Citrus Colors Fashion

The colors and citrus shades were highlights on the catwalks of Fashion Rio and São Paulo Fashion Week. Citrus colors are featured in women’s clothing, in plays such as shoes, bikinis, skirts, dresses, accessories and even in summer makeup. The tendency of citrus colors has what it takes to conquer the female audience, is a perfect match for our Brazilian summer, since they transmit energy, joy and freshness that the station loses.

The citrus color chart is very diverse, but the most striking tones of this color chart are the most varied shades of Orange, yellow and lemon that promise success among women in warmer weather, especially when the colors they come printed in bikinis and beachwear parts. The cool trend of colors and citrus tones is that both women basic as the wildest may join the trend. For example, the wildest can invest in monochrome productions, doing a mixture of colors similar to the color blocking tendency, already the most discreet can merge the citrus pieces with other neutral parts, such as white, black and nude. The trick is to match the trend to your style, according to your personality.
For women who want to try the trend and stay in fashion, but without drawing too much attention, the tip is to use citrus colors in accessories and small details. Now if you want to add a touch of daring more nocturnal productions, look for more fresh colors and choose the more flashy accessories, remembering always to take care to do a correct combination.
Another way to join the trend of citrus colors and accessories, or even in small details on pieces of clothing. Women can use the citrus colors, so many in productions for the day-to-day as a walk in the park or at the Mall, as during the night, to a ballad or a party with friends. The tip is to use your common sense to make the correct and harmonious combinations.
But it is a mistake to think that the tendency of citrus colors appears only on the parts of women’s clothing and accessories, on the contrary, the trend also extends to the makeup of the summer 2012. Therefore, in the hottest season of the year to invest in colored EYELINERS that can be used even for a makeup for night, smoky eyes and good markets with colorful kitten style traits. With that kind of makeup you can use up to a makeup party, quietly. On the lips, the color that is making the biggest success is the Orange and similar tones, like coral, for example.

How to use citrus colors?

If you want to invest in citrus colors during the day, the colors must appear mixed with parts in more neutral shades, including accessories. I don’t think I’d be a woman go out during the day with a yellow Tulip skirt and a lime-green sweater, for example from ezinesports. Try wearing a yellow top and a white short shorts, is a nice combination and super charming for you sightseeing during the day.
For evening, dresses are excellent choices. How about investing in a dress in shades of Orange, pink or yellow? Or a high-waisted skirt purple used with a pink top, making a monochrome production and beautiful. Are just a fe suggestions of looks, but you can unleash your creativity and create different productions with citrus pieces.