Chronic Cycling Trail Road and MTB

After a few days of inactivity in the Community, they touch to return to the cycling activity and in this case decided to make a mixed route where escorted road bikes and mountain. We begin the route at 17:36 from the gas station in El Rollo, in Murcia, Community of  Biker Community MTB : Natalia, Marieta, Matthias, Antonio Manuel, Emilio and a server. We headed Beniaján direction and take the old road of Orihuela, to avoid traffic. Gradually, the route was gathering pace, placing each community in its natural position. I decided to put myself in the last position to perform the tasks of recording and ensure all community present, because in things first are the people and the ultimate route.
We keep rolling and take direction towards Cabezo de la Plata, some community take the opportunity to make their workouts series, because it must be said that this route was more triathletes roo 2016, being rewarding for me, so I learn things about the sports world although never become a triathlete, I’m sure that will help me improve my condition “monolete”.

Once taken the road of Fuente Amarga, we lose sight of most community and I stay accompanied by the beautiful community, Marieta and Natalia, which took the opportunity to catch up, laugh, and share experiences about life, all enlivened by an annoying noise coming from the rear hub of my road bike, but nothing to stop the course of the route.
I aim to reach the Embalse de La Pedrera, appear by surprise Pablo and Sergio and join us to finish the route. Once you arrived at Embalse de La Pedrera, a break where we took the opportunity to drink water, take pictures and record video selfie with the stick in hand, where I went community by community asking about his impression of the route.
We return to our homes in the same place (I think), and I say I think because I have a serious problem of sense of direction, although they say that “all roads lead to Rome” , in my case it does not work, being able to reach prior to Burundi, which Rome itself.
Faster than face the return leg, it was pretty much all downhill. I lost track of most of the community and I was accompanying the Community Marieta, as I mentioned earlier in  Community Biker MTB things first are the people and finally the route. I take the time to record the latest videos from the route, enjoying a beautiful sunset that accompanied us on our return home.
As a good observer that I am, I realize that Community Marieta is lagging further and further behind, something that worried me and did not understand very well. He wore tucked the small plate, causing a cadence too high and extra fatigue that did not benefit him. Once solved this situation, our community Marieta, regained the pace of the route, raising the asphalt like a Formula 1 racing car is involved.
I look at the horizon a thin and delicate blue stain and see approach that is community Natalia, who was waiting for us to lead us to the other EU meeting. Once the peloton regrouped, we continued the march going to Murcia, where we grew apart to reach our homes, because we live in different parts of the city.
A different route for many reasons, which include the absence of Paquito206, Kronxito and Alonso, who sorely missed because they are the living essence of the Community and I personally consider my friends and have them a great appreciation . You also have to qualify this route as miraculous and surprising, as we got into our homes day, something that had not happened in  Biker Community MTBsince 2004.
Also highlight this route as special, I was thrilled to reconnect with Bethlehem, whom I know since I was a little girl and went to school with my sister, besides having a great affection for his family. It was certainly a nice route, where the human quality of the people has prevailed over everything else.
I have no doubt that this is just the beginning and will be many moments like this and where one realizes that this community goes from being a hobby  to be a way of life.