Chrome Add-Ons Comes Now as Apps for iOS and Android

Browser Chrome has some small Add-ons that ease everyday life, now they can easily be converted to normal apps for smartphones.
Chrome, Google’s popular browser has its own app marketplace with various small additions to the browser that makes everyday life easier or more fun.The additions can be a little game, a shortcut to PayPal or a currency converter.
Google and Chrome call additons for apps even though it does not have so much to like smartphone apps, but in order to make the confusion total can also be real apps now Chrome smartphone apps.
Chrome’s “apps” can using a tool be to “correct” smartphone apps and thus available for download in Google Play to the iOS App Store. Then you have some Chrome apps you miss on your smartphone, so then there may be hope ahead.
Are you a developer, so you can get more technical information here
Do you have any Chrome apps you think is really good, so share your knowledge!
The undersigned user diligently “Evernote Web”, “Save two Pocket” and a weather forecast, as well as, of course, Gmail, Google Calendar and YouTube.