Christmas: The Most Beautiful Christmas Lights

At the time of the holiday season, the lights illuminate our trees, but also our interiors! Always warm, they bring a magical touch to the decoration. Often LED, light strings today offer many possibilities of colors and settings. Side House offers a selection of led to a decoration Christmas lights of the more successful!

Far from being lame, light strings continue to illuminate our apartments and houses at the time of the holiday season as described in In the tree, they bring a touch of light and often original. See our selection for a decoration of Christmas joyous and full of gaiety.
Say “Happy holidays” in light with this Garland for Christmas tree
This LED Garland wooden wish happy holidays who is passing at home! We like its very simple, but effective… LED string drink “Happy holidays”, to batteries not supplied, 4.5 W, 0.78 W, L 1.80 m, 16,70 euros, Blachère.
Delicate, this string of lights decorate the edge of the fireplace
We illuminate the edge of the fireplace with a string of lights for a decoration of Christmas graphic trend. Graphic Garland, metal, 24.50 euros Xmas Living Glass for sale on Our site.
Bright apples to eat for the holidays of end of the year
Decorate a dresser or buffet in an original way with this string of light trapped in small glass apples. 3 transparent apples 2.4 W, Garland L 3 m, LED glass ball Ø 20 cm, 15cm, 10cm, 64.70 euros, Blachère.
Decorate a glass with a delicate string of lights vase
To dress up a buffet or a shelf, the light string slips in a glass vase. Light string to stack – 1 m, 4.49 euros, paragraph.
A Garland of feathers for parties gently
Christmas will be gentle with this string of lights in white feathers… LED curtain feathers white, L1m x H1, 50 m, 4W, 36,75 euros, Blachère.
Atmosphere “as in the garden” with this bright green berries Garland
As the center of table or hang on the wall, this string of lights brings a touch of green in the Interior for Christmas. Berries Garland, 20 LED, 1.1 m, fixed light, 3 batteries AA not included, 4.99 euros, the times ‘ search.
Deco Christmas at the mountain with this light string wooden
This Garland light way wooden Christmas tree brings a touch of the winter, as in the mountains, in the decoration of the House. Garland tree, wood, 2 m, 14.50 euros Xmas Living Glass for sale on Our site
The snowflakes illuminated Christmas decoration
What better time than the holidays of end of the year to decorate its interior to the colors of winter? With this Garland light way snowflakes, the décor is snowy. Garland LED 10 openwork white flakes, L1, 80 m, 1.2 W, 18.50 euros, Blachère.
Bohemian atmosphere at Christmas with these Christmas lights
These lights add a Bohemian touch to your home for the holidays. Bohemian Christmas lights, LED and metal, L 3.8 m, 24.99 euros, Lumineo at Delamaison.
An origami Garland to illuminate its interior at Christmas
The Garland way origami is used both to Christmas than the rest of the year, then we love necessarily! Origami wreath, model balls or snowmen, works with batteries not supplied, 39.99 euros, Jardiland.
The stars are always recipe at the time of the year-end holiday
To decorate your tree or your home, the light string to stars is a great value. Garland LED 15 white stars wooden, 1.2 W, 3 m, 17.05 euros, Blachère.
The lights are also investing the garden Christmas decoration
At Christmas, we also think about the decoration of his garden or balcony. This is a string of lights that brings magic to your exterior. Garland light mini Rod Xled, 5 stems of 13cm, L. 4 m, available in white, blue, pink, red, white & blue, white & red, 37,70 euros, Blachère.