Christmas Decorations You Can Make – Ornaments

This year we started talking about the Christmas trees and now let’s talk about different ornaments you can make for your Christmas tree. It’s going to be the most original of the family, I’m sure!
styrofoam ball kebab with ribbons used for packing gift;2) styrofoam ball with packaging of candies glued on the bottom and on top White felt “wrinkled” with pins sticking out (Christmas ball cupcake, lol!); 3) wooden heart cardboard with pins and braided line on them; 4) styrofoam ball with jelly beans stuck with toothpicks (this you leave to decorate on Christmas day, of course!)
1) made with crochet Ornaments shaped like Christmas tree; 2) cardboard with sequins sewn; 3) styrofoam ball with mini PomPoms glued; 4) wire with mini PomPoms (here’s a video that teaches you how to make mini PomPoms
Mini tags of those “for” gifts with trees or hearts glued (you can make up a lot of things);2) for jewelry this is easy: Do spinning rims well colored and put it on the tree!; 3) cards (in this case there was used, but I find it more difficult to find) cut into various formats of Christmas balls and use their imagination to draw with pens! 4) Until straws can decorate the Christmas tree, but work on mooring line. Here at Thembaprograms you can get more different models and styles.
Look at that Nice ornament you can make with styrofoam ball and thumbtacks.
1) Again the styrofoam ball with Rhinestones imitating pearls glued (or pins with beautiful heads). Add glitter gives a touch more chic 2) More platelets of cardboard or cardstock in black with drawings in chalk, crayon or white paint 3) that ball of Christmas past may be retreaded with glued fabric strips and glitter or glitter 4)cardboard or paper Stars painted card.
Virtually all of these ideas are very easy and quick to make and using your creativity you can make very distinctive variations.
In a moment we’ll talk more than decorating the House for Christmas. Stand by.