Christmas Accessories: Hats, Scarves and Gloves

Christmas, it is useless to deny it, is a holiday that involves all 360 ° and it is very hard to ignore even for those claims to be absolutely against Christmas. For those who love to distraction and even for those who just loves a little bit there, however, small accessories that can make it a little ‘more Christmas this period before the holidays without making us look like a decorated! tree is small, but significant fashion accessories that, if chosen in gold, red or green, also can be used throughout the ‘year, but if chosen with decorations, Christmas designs and more applications will make these weeks advent and your rich look of Christmas spirit!


Hats are definitely the most popular accessory and most loved watching both online and in stores you will find many hats with reindeer, Santas and teddy bears that will make your Christmas look super and will also keep you warm!
(Prices from € 5.90 on and )
If, instead, you want something to wear “indoor” you can choose the circles with applications and gold Christmas decorations, fur or gold and rhinestones which will take effect on your look making it more chic, Christmas and even funny! (Prices starting at 19, € 90 on Accessorize andAsos )


To fight against the cold in full Christmas style, you can then choose a pair of gloves with the classic Christmas decorations or a pair of gloves sheepskin that, while not strictly Christmas, they perfectly in order!! (prices starting at 12 90 € on Mango and Oysho)
Finally, you can choose to complete your look with a red scarf, besides being able to be used throughout the winter, in this period will surely make you think of the colors of Christmas! (Prices starting at € 19.90 on Mango, Zara and Asos)