Christian Ronaldo Will Have Its Own Official Android Game

World licenses based on famous brands every day us floods more, giving us things possibly useless which only Sate the desire for collecting followers sometimes too obcegados with any brand or celebrity. Android is not exempt from this, with several games of sagas, important as it may be to the Smurfs, but a not too exploded section is that of personalities.
However, can glimpse that the famous will continue in one form or another in Android, this time game with the controversial and famous futbolita of Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo, that it surely hijack the attention of supporters and detractors of the club and of the athlete. The game in question is not a classic football game, but it will be a game of skill doing freestyle with a balloon.
By now the game is developing biodroid hand and will receive the name of Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle, giving a very clear idea of what is the theme of the game, although they seem more to the saga of Dance Dance Revolution games. Unlike many ads, you know the date of the game, which will be the 22nd of December at a price of 2.99 dollars. We also leave with a video so you can check the mechanics of the game.