Christian Louboutin Shoes

Christian Louboutin is recognized worldwide as a genius. Famous for its beautiful shoes from the red sole, patent filed at the Manhattan court in 2008 (and because of a recent war of the lawyers with Yves Saint Laurent).

Although now in the world of fashion many things they know of déjà vu, the famous designer shoes French has managed to surprise us, launching next spring the shoe collection “The Nudes”. This is the reissue of five of the most famous models of the fashion house (Batignolles, Fifi, Vendome, Pigalle and Flo), for the first time available in “5 nude shades”, the women’s skin. It starts from the peau d’ange up to amber. If you are uncertain about the perfect shade for your skin you should use the new app made ​​available by the house, “Louboutin Shades”. Basterà photographing your foot and the app will indicate the most suitable shades.
Speaking of his new collection the maestro Louboutin said that the shoes have to give the woman a touch more, but not divert attention from what he wears or his own leg, or rather, more importantly, must be an extension of this, lengthening the silhouette.
The truth is that the designer has interpreted the thought and desire of all women, which always well aware of the potential of the shoes flesh-colored, unique in streamlining and in lengthening the leg. Among the celebrities cherished the shoe nude effect also appears Kate Middleton, who is always a mark of his style.
The revolution in the collection of Christian Louboutin is that, for the first time, the shoes nude are not light beige or peach color, but they are also addressed to the darker-skinned women. The Christian Louboutin shoes, but not for every budget, are for all ethnic groups, as proof of what fashion is a means powerful union of all the peoples of the world. Although religions, languages ​​and physical characteristics differentiate us, the love of fashion unites millions of women, scattered in every corner of the planet. And surely these women will remain enchanted in front of the new Louboutin collection. And the only difference that there is between them will be just the shade that will choose.