Choosing the Right Lighting

We need light and its benefits on our health and psyche can not be doubted.
Artificial lighting is the day the balance of natural lighting and at night he takes completely over.

Choosing the Right Lighting

This artificial lighting must be of good choice and adapted guarantors:

  • our visual comfort
  • efficiency.

Not to mention the aesthetic aspect that contributes to our style of interior whether in the interior or the exterior of our house.

Lighting: Define your needs

Here are the type of questions it is important to ask before investing in lighting:

  • What do you do in your lighting?
    • work at a desk,
    • cook on a work plan,
    • read in a chair, dining table
    • or simply accent the ceiling height or the color of your carpet?
  • What is the use of your lighting frequency?
    • extra light in a guest room: the solicitation will be very low,
    • kitchen lighting / entry: in this case it will be much more important?

Choose from four types of lighting

Depending on your needs, try to identify the type of lighting you want.
There are four types of lighting:

Light Type Characteristics Examples of fixtures
directional Lighting
  • The light is directed specifically to an area or object to highlight (a painting, a piece of furniture, a room corner …).
  • This lighting should not dominate or it loses its value on function.
Spot, desk lamp …
indirect lighting
  • The light is projected onto a wall or ceiling and is the reflected luminous flux, intensity of softer, which illuminates the room.
  • Sometimes the material is even invisible.
Applies, ceiling, halogen lamp …
diffused lighting
  • The light is concealed behind a diffuser, and is enlarged to 360 ° C.
  • It can then illuminate a large volume, the light will be soft and nuanced.
Suspension, table lamp, floor lamp …
Beacon lighting
  • Also called as night light is of lower intensity.
  • It has a specific function, mark an area, an outside staircase, so check where you set foot …
Garden terminal , spot,spotlight.