Choose the Right Sunglasses for You

Place the sunny days! Ended gray day, sad and moody! It’s time to get out the sunglasses to appreciate the days sunbathing and walks! I’ve concocted you a little guide to help you choose the frame suitable for your pretty face.

The spring trend-summer 2016

Small nod to the vintage look that stands out again with XL sunglasses. Classical and geometric shapes mix and patterns adorn the bright colors. We note in passing the beauty of the branches of spectacles, which is the true signature of major brands. For fans of the round models glasses mirrors, do not panic! They are still there, and we love their glass shades. If you’re into the category of glamorous looks, butterflies frames still popular, they are perfect to play the stars! The classic style is not bad either, we still enjoy these timeless frames that leave their timeless brand.

Each morphology, glasses

To choose your glasses, do well attention to the characteristics of the lenses is the most important! The type of protection appropriate to the intensity of light varies by location and location; we do not wear the same pair of glasses in the mountains than in town. The degrees of filtration vary from 0 to 4, the greatest protection is reserved for skiers.
To mount style, I advise you to choose a model according to the morphology of your face, I’ll explain …

If you have an oval face

Perfect, all styles are allowed, provided they adapt to your personality!

If you have a round face

To break the roundness of your face, prefer geometric or angular frames. The elongated shapes with fine half-frames you will go perfectly.

If you have a rather angular face

To soften your features rather opts for butterflies frames or “cat’s eye” that are absolutely super!
There you are dressed for the style in the sunlight! Do not hesitate to tag us on your photos or you wear your glasses!