Choose the Right Bikini for Your Body Shape

Summer’s almost here soon and only talks about diets, Sun so hot, coconut water and of course, bikinis. You know what the right bikini for your body?
This time of year, for most women arises always the same problem: which bikini buy as described in swimming garment, which best suited to my body and how I can get the most out of my natural lines? I’m sure these have been your thoughts at some point.
In this way, read on to know what type of bikini that is in tune with your silhouette and what are the trends for summer 2014.

Limp Torso

If there was no time to exercise your body or the likes to exercise, there are some solutions so that you can enjoy the Summer without feeling guilty or out of shape.
Choose a swimsuit that cover most of the body, is the best solution if you have some love handles and sagging skin to hide, because these facts allow comfortable and shape your body, leaving everything in place. Nowadays, use bathing suit no longer have to be taboo, because there are to your disposition very stylish swimsuits, several brands that have these facts in various models: with straps, strapless, back open etc.
The second option is better suited for those with some sagging but don’t have accumulated fat, these being the strap bikinis climb. This style of bikini is a trend this year, so if this is your case, you have the fashion to your favor.

Chest Too Big in Relation to the Hip

For those who have a very large chest, favours the use of a top in V with thicker handles therefore is much more comfortable, without losing the elegance to your look. It is also advisable to use and abuse of colours and patterned on underwear instead of in your BRA, just diverts attention and makes your more balanced silhouette.
There are some bikinis that disguise the very wide straps with details very trendy and that makes use of the same much-desired.

Hips and Butt Too Small Vs Hips and Butt Too Big

There are some care if you’re in one of these situations: If you have the butt and the big hips or on the contrary, small.
The solution here is draw attention away from these areas of the body. It is considered that the dimensions of the same are larger than what you wish, you can opt for simpler, without printed panties, lists, laces, ribbons, or any other prop and more panties still dug on the thighs which gives the feeling of legs longer.
If you think you have the hips and tail too small, the solution is to take advantage of props in his underpants. It is important to wear panties more dug and smaller ones for more skin on display, thus giving the impression of someone who has a bigger butt.

Small Breast

If you would like to have a bigger chest than she wants to have a nice cleavage during the bathing season, to wear bikinis and feel sexy, know that there are models that help to achieve this look.
The bikinis more advisable are bikinis with hoops, do hold your chest as well as push-up and padded, which tend to add volume.
If you use bikinis with some details is also a good help as, for example, some bonds and other props.
And now, you may ask, how to use what suits me really well and still be fashionable? The answer is quite simple, the brands are betting increasingly on diversity and is therefore easy to find bikinis that besides look good do meia praia eat your heart out.
Top with different lines, with extra fabric, making it look like the person is wearing a sweater and the fringed bikinis are very in.

Express Your Style in Sand

All tips are critical so we can follow trends and achieve goals, but in reality, then it is up to each woman to express themselves through fashion. In the streets you try to be a hit in street style, now is your chance to do the same, but on the beach.
On the beach you can choose the perfect bikini but all accessories can make a difference, between the beach towel, some necklaces, earrings and bracelets, scarves and dresses, you can show who is, mark the difference.
However, never forget that you’re supposed to have fun, so always try to adapt the style comfortable parts, so you can enjoy your days of beach, pool, river or waterfall.
For this year, a Summer trends is the use of different accessories and combinations of unique accessories, so just give wings to your imagination.