Check with the Official App Windows 10

For fans of Star Wars these days are particularly happy, in the light of onset in Italian cinemas of Star Wars: the awakening of the force. The fans of the saga who recently had the opportunity to visit the Store will probably notice, in plain sight, the image the companion appSphero officer dedicated to drone BB-8 marketed by the company (if you haven’t noticed, we think our reader M_90-thanks for the tip-to remind us).
Thanks to’ BB app-Enabled App 8 Droid you can check with PC/Windows Mobile smart phone and tablet Windows 10 10 the drone BB-8 of Sphero which, depending on your point of view, can be considered a relatively cost-toy is marketed in Italy to 169 euros -and of doubtful utility (but the “gadget is not required also be useful) or must (judgement directly proportional to the degree of affection to the new chapter of Star Wars).
The drone has a Blueooth connectivity to connect to PCs, tablets and Smart phones and is equipped with inductive charging battery that provides 60 minutes of autonomy (as stated).The user can take direct control of the drone through the app, enable an autonomous driving mode, interact with BB-8 via voice and use it to record, send and view “holographic video”. For more product information, Please visit the official website of Sphero.
It should be noted, for the sake of completeness that the Windows version 10/10 8 Windows Mobile app-Enabled App Droid BB, is the last in order of time. There is no lack, of course, Android and iOS versions. All the links for the downloads after the official video below.