Check It Espeques Smart

All accompanying camping hints of MaCamp know that rubber sledgehammer is essential for junk and that she has the special function of taking care of the tent and espeques fincá them effectively and correctly in the sandy soils of Earth or grass even with the presence of roots and stones. (Those who have not seen, see the tips on espeques ).
But get the estaquinha off the ground is not always an easy job. First because sometimes it gets hard to leave and also because it’s a time of disassembling the tent via and we don’t want to muddy hands and dirty cloths clean. For this, there are techniques to draw the espeques with other espeques, with pliers or with check-espeques sold exactly for this purpose. But the tip that is in this article is to make a practical and inexpensive espeques engaged in your own rubber sledgehammer.
Just buy a small metallic screw based ganchinho pride of screw. In case you choose the largest possible model that is compatible with the cable of your sledgehammer. What use was not of the best, being preferable to the silver models that have a thicker body and reinforced than these. Drill a hole with drill or sharp tool. Use drill, remember to use a much finer than the thread the hook, because the idea is that between well firmly into the wooden handle.
Simple, easy and cheap, get your espeques will always be to your fingertips and without getting lost in the middle of the mess. It’s just “fish” the estaquinha tab and pull it up doing 1/4 moves back in time and counterclockwise. If the stanchion is very difficult to get out, keep repeating these movements by placing a little bit harder on vertical soon will lift. It will be normal that the little hook also moves in the direction of the thread and that’s why we should keep the “rooms” back.