Chanel Eyeglasses Frames 2014

Regarding the glasses, the legendary brand and timeless Chanel combines the styles and prestigious materials ! Special care is put into the development of models, design and technical.
Chanel glasses are strong symbols of the brand: the string and the double interlaced C. The colors change with each collection to adapt to the trends of the moment, displayed in parades.

Two models of the new collection of sunglasses. The mounts are acetate and branches metal set with Rhinestone baguettes and decorated a CC signature.

  • he model eye-peeling-cat way.
  • Glasses degades.
  • Old collections

For the collection of Chanel solar, 2014, the great chic is always to the appointment you with these sunglasses XXL in THERELIGIONFAQS.COM, with a lacquered calf knot adorned with a CC signature on the branches.
Collection Chanel spring summer 2013. Oval sunglasses in acetate. Line 25 pearls mounted in a tiara. Chanel signature metal on the branches. The actress and French model Laetitia Casta who becomes the face of the line of glasses in the collection.
A collection of refined with a lace effect came dressed the branches of this solar “jewel” collection, elegance and luxury with a touch of originality!
Learn more about the collection of jewelry from Chanel sunglasses
The Still life Chanel collection summer 2012: sunglasses oversized version sixties in acetate with branches in calfskin signed of the double C. are round and square model xxl. Available in yellow, blue, green, red flashy colours.
For its 2012 collection optical and solar, Chanel frames take forms current trends! This is the Chanel Prestige 2012 collection in acetate with its variations of colors, its branches decorated with a link of lambskin and its tinted degraded or polarized. . Leather caps signed a double c in metal. The forms are Aviator, Butterfly or square XXL.
2011-2012 collection : mount Chanel of butterfly shape.Decoration metal stamped the double C along the round branches.
2 colors available in polarized version.
Monture round combining acetate and metal, spirit 70′ in 6 colors pop and vintage for these Chanel sunglasses.
The collection Chanel button with its dressed mounts of a jewelry maginifique. The collection is available in eyeglasses and sunglasses.
Chic and vintage!
A particularly astute older model: the branch is hidden in a moiroir… very useful to correct your makeup discreetly ladies!