Chairs with Various Designs

I present a new installment of our items of design chairs. On this occasion I have prepared two slightly renovated Classic chairs designs, a chair with a playful design and a child touch, and a Chair clearly inspired by butterflies. I hope you like them!
The design of the Butterfly Chair is far from casual. Clearly inspired by butterflies, light forms and your perfect choice of materials, give it a very chic to this Chair as described in small furniture. And in addition it complies perfectly with the main function of a Chair, since it is comfortable and enveloping.
Playful colors and a light air school, Chair Rita is careful to detail. Its technical and functional simplicity, and its carefully rounded lines, give this chair a sublime beauty.
The Panton Chair is a great classic design chairs. Although it has suffered various technological and aesthetic renovations, line and spirit reminiscent of much the pioneer, so surely that end up falling in love with the public as he already did in its early days. The new matte finish makes it more resistant.
Born in the workshops of cabinetmaking Bauhaus in the 1925, the Wassily Chair is Designer Marcel Breuer. For many years believed that this Chair was carrying that name because the inventor had been the painter Wassily Kandinsky, but the belief was erroneous.
Its tubular structure gives it a lightness that makes it nearly transparent. That feature was, precisely, that made him so popular at the time, since it was a completely new design. You can find the backrest and seat in leather, fabric or canvas.
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