Chairs for Bedrooms

In Bedroom love we surround ourselves with furniture and accessories that have a certain sentimental value for us and play a certain meaning.These are elements that contribute to creating an atmosphere of great intimacy, which heat up the environment.
Elements that allow the landlord to feel safe, pampered and have everything they need at hand, and for its relaxing what we can not just give you a comfortable armchair.
Typical element of the classic style furniture, chamber chair enters even in Modern Design currents, with appropriate stylistic revivals.
Forms rich and redundant designs for classic chairs, positioned next to the mirror, to allow the women to wear makeup and other beauty care enjoy, while comfortably seated; Net geometric shapes and minimalist style to more contemporary models, which are placed in plain sight to ensure the perfect combination of the seat functionality and an aesthetic component that goes to greatly enrich the environment.
Evidently the chamber chair is a piece of furniture that crosses all styles, with its timeless charm and its recognized usefulness in support of the morale and welfare of the landlord.
In classic style, with wooden feet characterized by inlays and rich fabric of decorations the Model Number 75161 Kare.
It is a chair without a back, with seat of elongated shape and two armrests of an ovoid shape. Four feet in dark wood of average height support the seat and decorate the backbone.
The peculiarity of the chair regards the covering fabric. Covered in flowers and colorful, reminiscent in style and combination of various shades (among which the red, blue and gold) the Baroque style, rich and eccentric.
A perfect chair to give prestige to a room of classic style bed , characterized by prestigious inserts and sparkling accessories.
Model of the Modern Design tip the chair rocking, LYY10B of Songomics .
It is a chair with birch legs, which favor the oscillation of the seat and make it particularly popular in the bedroom, you can watch TV, read a good book, or just relaxing a bit.
This model is equipped with a thick padding, a protective headrest for the cervical vertebrae, the manually adjustable footrest to 5 levels. It is upholstered in cotton fabric, removable and machine washable.
It comes in many colors: black, white, gray, brown, green, red. A truly modern chair that allows you to play with color in the bedroom to create a relaxing atmosphere, dynamic and youthful.
For lovers of the rocking chairs but have problems of space in the bedroom, the ideal model could be the Relax Rocking Chair, LYY20M, always Songomics.
A light and handy chair, characterized by a youthful design, ergonomic and space-saving size (67 cm to 67 cm for the seat, 100 cm high). The feet made ​​of birch wood are arc-shaped to facilitate the rocking.
The seat is made ​​of removable cotton fabric, fresh and easy to clean. High density foam padding. A comfortable armchair, modern and aesthetically pleasing. Excellent quality / price ratio.