Cesare Attolini Tailor

It’s very tailored look for the moment at the Manolo. A week ago we wrote about the traveling tailors NapoliSuMisura and today we look at one of the leading jacket-and kostymtillverkarna in the world. When it comes to clothing, few if any manufacturers that turn neapelbaserade Cesare Attolini on your fingers. What can top the Attolinis Ready to Wear? Well, possibly, their Made to Measure service. We had the opportunity to participate when Gabucci in Stockholm had representatives of Attolini in place for measuring.

Cesare Attolinis big markets is, above all, United States, Europe, Asia and Russia. Sweden is thus very small in the context specific and now the brand is only represented in Gabucci on Nybrogatan in Stockholm.
It is, therefore, incredibly funny that it took time and visited the little Sweden and Stockholm to personally be responsible for insurancejust of a range of jackets, coats and suits. The skills of Gabuccis personnel when it comes to measure sewing is great but everything is about what system to which companies use and communication is key. Then it’s obviously a great added value for a customer who buys a bespoke tailoring Attolinikostym for + 40 000 dollars to get the opportunity to meet the people behind the brand.
In addition to the two representatives who appeared in night also contributed Attolini with a huge fabric ranges that had shipped from Naples for the night so that customers not only had a fabric sample, but also could see how the fabric appears on a larger scale.
Like many other clothing manufacturers are also paid Attolini from existing sizes and designs for its Made to Measure. The customer try the Blazer that is closest in size and then made a series of small but significant corrections based on this. When the konfektionskavajerna is manufactured to 95% by hand means the relatively small additional cost to produce according to the customer’s own measure turned on is around 15%, plus any difference in price in fabric. At the same time worked Attolini exclusively with exclusive fabrics within the clothing so the price difference does not have to be much greater if it avoids värstingtyger in 100% cashmere.
By Attolini can you really talk about hand-sewn in the truest sense of the word. The costumes are sewn as said to 95% with needle and thread and basically the only major machine in the whole factory is their steam iron for avpress.
Pockets are sewn by hand. A detail that can be seen as unnecessary but shows the complete intransigence that exists within the company.
Attolini handsyr all their buttonholes on jacket and pants as well as each buttonhole takes minimum 30 minutes to sew for the experienced tailors at the factory.
Provkavajerna in various sizes. Of course, the customer can ask for double-breasted and change a variety of details such as buttons, pockets, stroke width etc.
Provkavaj in size 48 at yours truly. Certainly, there are things you can change, but because the fit is superb and better than the result of some Bespoke jackets.
Back lot is often the most difficult to achieve without measure sewing or skräddarändringar but also konfektionskavajerna the body follows exemplary.
The key to the whole is the shallow but extremely well-balanced armholes. Despite the fact that the sleeve is raised does not conform to the shiny body party. This provides the contrary to what many people think a completely superior mobility.
Attolinis signum is probably their Neapolitan shoulder. A perfect option that feels as correct in the form of a affärskostym as a uddakavaj.
Vincent and Guglielmo from Cesare Attolini along with Bob from Gabucci. All dressed in Attolini.