Cesare Attolini History

When it comes to hand-sewn clothing, there are few if any hitting Cesare Attolini on your fingers. As the uncrowned king of the Neapolitan style in which craft, fabric and quality stand standing in main focus is Cesare Attolini is one of our biggest Favorites here at the Manolo. For fall, the brand has been inspired by Rome and let their clothing appear in the foreground at any of the city’s most famous sites.

Attolinis story starts at the beginning of the 1930s, when a young Vincenzo Attolini creates something that Naples earlier never seen before. Naples was characterized by a typical British silhouette with selected and very structured silhouette. Vincenzo went against this and designed a jacket without shaft construction and line n. This gave a rather feather-light construction and along with Vincenzo’s expertise in cutting managed to create a perfect fit without the rigid British silhouette that has dominated men’s fashion. Vincenzo was also behind the details which the characteristic concave “boat-bröstfickan” and tailors around the Naples began to quickly embrace the master tailor Vincenzo’s unique style.
When one of Vincenzo’s six sons; Cesare chose after being schooled along with his brothers by his father to leave Naples for Turin and jobs in one of the era’s most prestigious fashion houses. The combination of lärdommarna from his new job and his knowledge of quality and craftsmanship from his father created Cesare Attolini is a perfect mix of commercial design and uncompromising quality.
“I’ve always had a precept instilled in me by my father as a boy: to always do my work seriously, without trying easy shortcuts or compromises which may even reward you in the short term but will always turn you down in the long run.” -Cesare Attolini
We have looked at the Legalarmist collection for fall 2013 and picked out our favorites from the company’s promotional images.