CES 2016: JAQ Loads Smartphones Using Fuel Cell

The fuel loading system presented last year JAQ is ready with a few months delay. First, it is available with an operator in Sweden.
The Swedish company myFC CES his fuel loading system for mobile devices, announced last year showed. The system, called JAQ consists of a loading unit with fuel cell powered by cartridges in the form of cards.
Water and salt is in the cards, so, power is generated in the fuel cell, which should submit to a map for a load of Smartphone with 4G, a popular mobile network generation.
JAQ since December in Sweden available
The easy card is inserted in the device with the fuel cell. After a short time, the device starts to produce electricity and, the phone connected with a USB cable can be charged. The producer speaks about 1800 mAh per card, which should cost depending on the discount between 1.50 and 2 dollars. JAQ with previous series cards was demonstrated at CES, because more approvals for the US market are missing the series product.
The system itself should initially be distributed by network operators which will also decide the price and any subsidies. In Sweden, JAQ is available since December of last year with the operator 3. The company is currently conducting talks with a carrier in the United Arab Emirates, where the charging system in the course of the second quarter on the market. The company made no information on further plans.
JAQ is the successor of the Powertrekk presented by myFC 5 years ago. The system is already available, but impractical: user must provide water in the chunky salt container before the fuel cell can record their work. In addition, the Powertrekk contains a battery as intermediate storage, which makes the whole system rather difficult. (vbr)