Central Alarm with Gsm Dialer: the Best in the Market!

Before we even talk about a central alarm with a GSM dialer, you need to understand what is in fact an alarm center.
What Is An Alarm Center?
Central alarm is nothing more than the main (central) part of the system.
It is responsible for receiving the information of the numerous types of sensors and commands the firing of the sirens.
As the rate of thefts and thefts to homes and establishments has increased in recent years ( matter), many people have opted for private protection to try to curb such thefts.
Due to the increase in crime, there was a need to install an electronic security system.
This safety equipment most often consists of:

  • Centralrepresenting its data base;
  • Sensors that aim to identify a possible invasion;
  • Sirens that will do the audible warning work in case of an invasion
  • Controls usedto activate and deactivate the central alarm device;
  • Dialerthat has the role of communicating the alarm trigger with the registered handsets to receive the call in case of an invasion.

All this equipment is powered by a sealed 12v / 7a battery.
The market has at disposal a variety of models and brands of Alarm Centers. All of them have the same purpose that is to protect the place where it is installed.
If your methods to protect your property have not worked more since, put bars on the windows, security cameras, electric fences and even the use of “rabid dog”, know that the installation of acontrol panel with GSM dialer in your residence can be of great help to prevent further thefts.

The Advantages Of An Alarm Center With GSM Dialer

Having an alarm center installed in your home or business is of great importance for the safety of people and also of our assets.
This equipment is completely promising since it provides more tranquility and safety.
Especially for people who usually travel a lot and end up leaving the property alone for a long time.
Having an alarm center with a GSM dialer may also reduce the cost of insurance for your home.
It is good to make it clear that having an alarm center in your home will not prevent your home from being stolen, as there are certain thugs that even the most complete security system would prevent you from stealing.
However, the alarm center will inhibit possible theft to the property, as the invaders will be summoned by the sound alarm and you will be notified via cellular connection.
The market offers two types of central alarm.
One is the self-monitoring central, which is solely responsible for the security of the system.
The other way is monitored central, where security can be shared with an outsourced company that will monitor your security system.
There is also the conventional switchboard that is recommended for people who do not wish to hire a monitoring service or pay the monthly fee.

  • No monthly cost
  • Low Cost Alarm Central
  • Easy installation


  • You will need a phone line and a dialer if you want to be warned about the alarm trigger
  • You will not have information about the battery status of the sensors
  • You will not have the help of a monitoring company
  • You will not have preventive maintenance of the equipment purchased


  • 24h monitoring
  • Support team to go to the place
  • Preventive maintenance of the appliance
  • Monitoring the sensor battery status
  • Differentiated security features such as arming and disarming the control panel via Smartphone and other devices.


  • Has a monthly fee
  • Higher cost of appliances
  • Installation requires skilled labor

A residence alarm can be a lot of help to keep your material assets safe, in addition to protecting all those valuable objects, it ensures above all the safety of the people who are in the place.
With a central alarm system, invaders will think twice before making any attempted theft.
Often a sign that the residence is protected with an alarm is enough for the thieves to change their minds.
In the event of attempted assault, an alarm is issued to the security company’s central, which will quickly trigger the nearest authorities to seize the intruders (if you opt for a monitoring company).
The feeling of insecurity is one of the worst feelings there is, and living with that feeling inside your own home is not at all comforting.
For this reason, having a central GSM alarm dialer at home will reduce that sense of insecurity a bit.

Brisa Cell 804 JFL: The Residential Alarm Kit With GSM Dialer From JFL

We can find in Brazil an excellent alarm center, theBrisa Cell 804, produced by JFL , which is an alarm center produced here and with a high manufacturing technology.
Many people use this equipment and many of them often praise the efficiency of the equipment.
The general characteristics of this equipment are:

  • Displays for 4 phones (landline and cell phones, with the use of a chip)
  • Central with 8 monitoring zones (up to 8 wireless zones and 8 wired zones)
  • Disable wired zone via software
  • Clear sensors and controls separately
  • Short battery protection
  • The control panel can be activated and deactivated via SMS
  • Among other exclusive features.

In addition, the electronic security professional who will be monitoring the battery of the wireless device, when contacting the customer to communicate about what happened, may also offer other services to improve their equipment.