Cell Phone Case Captures Solar Energy and Charges Batteries

Phones, Smart phones, Iphones and Blackbarry are everywhere, they have become as essential as oxygen to people working like these phones, helping them to stay connected in this globalized world.  This has caused dozens of companies to look for reliable portable power generation solutions to ensure full-function handsets.

To meet this growing demand, a company called PowerSkin came up with a sustainable solution for cellular chargers, Solar Charge and KeyCharge. They are battery-powered covers that will provide an extra boost of talk time. Both chargers are solar and have a blue silicone rubber cap. The cover was equipped with LED lights that indicate the battery level of the charger.

KeyCharge is a 750mAh charger and will provide about 90 minutes of extra talk time, taking advantage of the sun’s rays. It can be attached to a key ring or simply connected to the phone through a microUSB port.

SolarCharge is a universal 1000 mAh charger for all types of phones and iPod touch(all generations). It will add 350 minutes of additional talk time.

These eco-friendly chargers will be available in February(US) with a price of $ 69.99(SolarCharge) and $ 24.99(KeyCharge).

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