Celebrities Wearing Socks and Sandals

The star with the socks, shorts, or sports that are veiled, are increasingly numerous, women who choose not always look as though imitating. That of ankle socks worn with heeled shoes, which are sandals or pumps, seems to be the latest fashion craze that has taken hold among American celebrities and are not, lots of those that link to impress wearing this accessory more often in contexts wrong. Let’s see what are the most recent victims of the trend.
In recent months it has become more and more celebrities who are photographed in flip-flops, look for nothing but fashion that several renowned actresses and show girl are not ashamed to show off while aware of the constant presence of photographers and paparazzi nearby. Among the most famous celebrities who seem to adore this trend is the singer Rita Ora, who never misses an opportunity recently to talk about their look, even if it is strange couplings between exquisite dresses, short socks and sandals or colorful flip flops.
Less “shocking” from the point of life fashion but equally interesting is the must-have to wear heeled socks with shorts. As you will see by browsing the images from our photo gallery, choose this kind of outfits are actresses of the likes of Diane Keaton, supermodels like Karolina Kurkova and even Italian renowned actresses such as Margherita Buy  followed by colleagues such as Judith Codreche.
No wonder almost nothing now seeing celebrities to focus instead on socks and sandals with high heels, a trend that divides for years the international fashion system, defended by some, attacked by others without hesitation. Rihanna loves that there is talk of his eccentric look like we saw at the last red carpet of the Grammy Awards in 2015, it is not surprising then that’s her one of the most linked to this style singers.
A follow other colleagues whose style is imitated particularly by younger, like Pixie Lott, Kesha, Vanessa Hudgens, Kelly Ousbourne and even Sarah Jessica Parker. More daring and downright fashionable women of the show that they know how to exploit the Parisian, always well-kept from Taylor Swift to Megan Fox. Absolutely avoid the examples of AnnaLynne McCord and her colleagues young people wearing sneakers with padded male socks.