Causes of Holes in Clothes

Many people have gone through it all, just bought a nice shirt or cute skirt, it seems already to sit in a hole. A new piece of clothing that you can expect that it will take time before it starts to show wear, what can go on, if you find holes in your clothes?

Holes in your clothes

It’s fun to buy new clothes. When you have something new that you feel better and more comfortable in your own skin. A new outfit can just give a little more confidence. Especially women are happy to spend money on clothes. With the changing seasons we go out again to buy new clothes. Sometimes you go with your new clothes have a little accident, so short after buying an ugly stain on whether you are somewhere along the mistake, which creates a haaltje in your new clothes. It is a great pity and a waste of money, but the damage to the garment is understandable. Weirder it gets when you find small holes in your clothes, you do not know how they are formed.

Possible causes of unexplained holes in your clothes

With holes in your clothing, there are several possible causes. Sometimes it is difficult to discover how the holes are formed. The following possible causes and solutions can ensure that you can now prevent the appearance of holes in your clothes.


Wearing belts: When you’re used to wear belts over or under your shirt or a dress, it can be so that the belt you wear do damage to your clothes. The tape may accidentally have a sharp edge or bit which may cause voids. Moreover, by rubbing of clothes along the belt fabric wear out faster than normal. To prevent tooth decay with a belt control you can damage the belt best on sharp edges or pieces that are important.


Sharp buttons on jeans: The back pockets of jeans are often iron knots. Sometimes these buttons have sharp edges that can damage your shirt or sweater. Looking to buy a pair of jeans or pants, or have this sharp parts.


Cavities occur in the washing machine: when you wash your clothes with garments that have a zipper, it can cause zipper holes in other clothing. Especially when the zipper is not or not properly closed, it can damage the clothes during washing. Make sure you wash clothes with zippers apart or that all zips are closed properly before you put the clothes in the washing machine.


Silver is small silvery creatures that you may encounter in damp areas in your home. These animals love to eat on fabrics such as silk or synthetic fabrics. When small round holes discovered in silk or synthetic clothes, and you will sometimes against a silverfish in your home, then chances are that the holes will occur. Silver thrive only in moist, warm environment. Ventilate your home well and have a temperature of about 20 degrees and low humidity in the house. Because silver has no chance to survive.


Moths in the closet can cause holes in wool clothing. Not only pure woolen clothes are eaten, but also clothes containing partially wool. Termite can buy mothballs, but when you have lots of moths in the house, you can get the best exterminator will fight moths.