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Best Ice Machine – Opinions and Prices

In this guide we provide useful tips on how to choose the best ice machine for your needs and offer opinions on models on the market.

There are two types of buyers for which the machine for ice cubes is an absolutely necessary. In the first case we are talking about restaurant owners or baristas, in second, however, these are real fans of appliances, wanting to have the ice so fast. We are talking about, in particular, to holders of Blast chillers for home use and futuristic kitchens, as well as incredibly equipped. In both cases, you have to take into account some features, techniques and aesthetics, for being able to juggle the various models available. Let’s start, though, with the figure out exactly what we’re talking about. Continue reading Best Ice Machine – Opinions and Prices

Sabbatical – When We Know

Finally arrived in your town.

Was nostalgic of your bed. The smell of your home. No one was picking her up at the airport. Preferred as well. Had already been so alone … why not now? Learn, or better, notara, when traveling, I liked that feeling of feel free. It wasn’t a feel free to do whatever I wanted. It already had. But freedom itself, the Act of a State of being who I really was. Almost a stranger. And somehow made it preserves that feel to still be traveling. Continue reading Sabbatical – When We Know

Sabbatical-a Blue Dot in Atacama Desert

Earth. At latitude-68the19 ‘ 97 “is San Pedro de Atacama, the main starting point for exploring the Atacama desert.

She had never seen a place so blue. I had never experienced the real feeling of being just a blip, so small there on Earth, the little planet blue. Now it all seemed to make sense when I thought I am part of the universe; being there, in the largest desert in the world, the Atacama desert, the Universe seemed closer. Continue reading Sabbatical-a Blue Dot in Atacama Desert

Confectionery Store Mag: Design, Art, Culture and Lifestyle

After two years of life, the Confectionery Mag, independent publication about arts, literature, cinema, culture, behavior and varieties, launches a new project: the Confectionery shop, an area of books, zines, exclusive pieces, objects of art and design, and more in tune with the themes addressed by the site. Continue reading Confectionery Store Mag: Design, Art, Culture and Lifestyle

Tips to Organize Your Study Corner and Stimulate Concentration

Nowadays, stop and focus on a single task for more than half an hour is something that seems impossible. Is the phone beeping, TV , a thousand tasks on the waiting list, if shuffled priorities. We know what it’s like and, look, that’s for the worse. And funny that technology facilitates our life and, at the same time, let us more and more out of time. Continue reading Tips to Organize Your Study Corner and Stimulate Concentration

Madrid Guide

Guys, this post took a year to air (shame!), but as I wanted to do something completinho, you know how it is, right? Lol!

Some have followed my journey of new year’s Eve in Madrid in December of last year-the hashtag #achadosmadrid. Now do this post telling a little bit more about my programming and indicating my favorite addresses in the Spanish capital. Continue reading Madrid Guide

5 Tips to Be an Expatriate Happy and Held

Increasingly I see friends, friends, brothers, cousins etc going to live abroad for a number of reasons (personal, professional, or both), and I know, from experience, that this is a new world full of wonderful opportunities, but sometimes can also transform into frustration. So, I loved the text of Paola Siviero, and decided to publish here the findings to inspire you, I dream about it and wants to make plans, received a job offer to live outside, will accompany the husband (wife, boyfriend, love …), or is just practicing to take courage. Continue reading 5 Tips to Be an Expatriate Happy and Held