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Casio G-Shock Gw-A1000-1aer Premium Funk+Solar Watch

The top model Gravity Defier GW-A1000-1AER from the Casio PREMIUM Collection was developed in close cooperation with  Royal Air Force pilots. In addition to the highest precision , radio and solar, this model also has a thermometer function (-10°C/+60°C ), Smart Access technology (details below),automatic pointer adjustment, and a unique design. The Casio G-Shock Premoum model is equipped with several motors:  hour, minute and second hands are controlled by different motors. Continue reading Casio G-Shock Gw-A1000-1aer Premium Funk+Solar Watch

The Best Watches

The White pain “Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe” is inspired by the first model from the 1950s.

Diving as a sport is becoming increasingly popular. The mixture of concentration, fitness and adrenaline in conjunction with the breathtaking insights into the underwater world, makes the sport a unique experience. The matching watches provide the luxury brands. But has to actually meet a diver’s watch which requirements? Continue reading The Best Watches

I Gucci Watch with Diamonds

The I-Gucci rubber bracelet and sporty design is available in three colors.

One thinks of the watches from Gucci, the elegant jewelry watches and Gold timepieces come first. But also in the area of sports watches, the Italian luxury brand is now well established. Recently, Gucci launched a watch which meets the demands of professional sailors in all respects. Continue reading I Gucci Watch with Diamonds

What Your Watch Tells about You

On the first date, the watch you wear shows who you are or would like to be!

The first date with IT. There should be nothing wrong. What location?Important. What outfit? Very important. What time? Really important!The choice of the location shows her what you believe she might like. The choice of your outfit shows her how you like herself. But the watch you wear shows you who you are … or would like to be! Continue reading What Your Watch Tells about You

Seagull Watch Movements Review

For decades, it is a tractor of the Swiss watch industry-the ETA 2824-2. On the world’s came in 1973 as ETA 2824, the genes as far back in the manufacturer of Eterna 2824 based on their patents and prototypes. The similarity to previous generations such as the 2783 and many others is not to conceal, but the plant meets all the requirements of a rugged workhorse. The frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour makes the movement precision and insensitive, beginning 17 and later 25 jewels make for low wear. The effective lift about two TRS wheels is still group colleagues such as the ETA 2892-A2 in the shade. The less respectable appearance of the modular movement, is one of the downsides that as a derivative with hand-wound and in many variants with tag (2834 and 2836), as well as in the versions with 21,600 (2840, 2842, 2846, etc.) is to have more low-priced watches, as well as the Group’s own automatic swatch.

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Samsung Smartwatch Galaxy Gear 1

The Update That Samsung has Released for the first Generation Galaxy Gear is a Complete Disaster

Samsung and this takes some time in the smartwatch market and wearables devices, and the proof is irrefutable that dominates 78% of the current industry. So far, we have seen how l to 3 devices company has released to the market: the Galaxy Gear 1 and 2 on the Gear Fit. The first two would come more in the classification of smart watch, while the latter would be placed in the category of sports bracelet.

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Samsung Leads The Smartwatch Market

Samsung appears as the undisputed leader in a market that grew by 250% last year

The market for smart watches is growing incredibly in recent years. Not surprisingly, most large technology firms are focusing their efforts on launching new wearables devices that can exploit the full potential of this new market can offer. The data are on the table: the smartwatch market grew 250% last year, becoming the highest growth rate in its history.

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TomTom Multi-Sport Cardio Watch Review

Out of the box your TomTom Multi-sport Cardio, the evolution of the Runner (and well as Multisport), with the curiosity that we geeks in front of new products, the ones that seem to make spells and introduce revolutionary novelty. Unboxing with a “wow” in short. And indeed your TomTom transmits for its distance from the product from which it derives. Weighs more (obvious: the heart rate monitor is integrated into the case), is larger and the strap is done with a different, more “luxurious”, softer to the touch and thick, but not free of defects.

The setting

From the beginning, the body of the watch can be separated from the box and there’s also the band (well made and easy to use) to secure the multi-sport bike handlebar; you put the watch to its charging station and connects to the computer. Pity there is not even the adapter to connect it to the power outlet at home but I don’t think it’s a problem: many devices now come in this way.

The setting of the settings and battery charge times are very short and the battery lasts really superb (which in my language means you always forget to reload everything and he always works), despite the presence of the heart rate sensor that inevitably consumes energy. In short, using it without thoughts – and we love it.

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What does the iWatch Do

Apple understand their business. They know how to create hit products. They know how to pack and then how to “mad” audience. Not surprisingly, quite IT analysts argue that the resurgence in the segment of smart watches in the past two years happened after “sprout” Internet rumors and shy (at the expense of controlled) release of information from the corporation to develop something on the subject, which will bear as the apple logo of apple. The thing even given a name – iWatch , but actually do not know whether it exists. And the obsession began.

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Lady Watch Huawei

The giant Chinese smartphone maker Huawei has also thought us women presenting yesterday variants of its Huawei wearable.
They are watches smart, designed for a female audience and then with an eye for detail and aesthetics materials . The first version is called Elegant, has home gold and pink leather strap with crocodile print, while the second is called Jewel and, as the name suggests has a dial surrounded by zirconia and strap, always blue leather.

China also is sold the variant created in collaboration with Fornasetti with a typical fantasy precisely the Brand. I am really very fashionable and designed for those who do not want to pass unnoticed.

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Joystick Clock for Smartwatch APK

Command of modern smart watches and a little tricky job. Things are as clean and easier, but still physical control (with buttons and touchscreen, voice is clear) requires convening and possibly small nimble fingers. Some devices have physical buttons, but not “touch” (Pebble). Others have both (most existing). Still others are just “touch” (new and future). Tapping and sliding on the screens of the devices nowadays is optimized to almost perfection, but the inconvenience of features of smart watches is that they are often covered by fingers. This is especially awkward in software applications requiring constant sight on the screen (you will an example by playing smart watch, albeit ridiculous example), but not finding sufficient efficiency in upper management options.

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Watches as Classic Men’s Accessories

“Who has turned the clock. Is it really so late? “Who does not know this song. But with a wristwatch, the danger is significantly reduced that you pronounce this phrase. You have in everyday life, the time not only keep an eye on, but also a pretty accessory on wrist. Watches are no longer supported pure purpose, but also because of fashion. Especially men love watches. While women usual manner have more choices of accessories, the man only discreet jewelery remains. Only the clocks may apply neat. For many men, the clock is just like the car a status symbol.

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Smartwatch TAG Heuer

On the occasion of the Milan Design Week, TAG Heuer unveiled and officially announced its Android-based smartwatch Wear also in Italy.

In fact, by may, the TAG Heuer Connected will be sold officially at the Italian stores and almost certainly also online. The price remains the same, i.e. equal to 1350 euros, and, as is the case in other countries where it is already on sale (United States and Japan), you may decide to return it and exchange it for another mechanical watch of the House within two years from the date of purchase, adding the “moderate” figure of 1400 euro. Continue reading Smartwatch TAG Heuer

Why Choose Pebble Watch?

Because for several years very actively move in the world of mobile phones, I have the opportunity to test a lot of interesting products. To those naturally also include the smart watch. Many years ago I owned a smart watch Sony Ericsson, the last time I used a Pebble watch (see here) in addition to also watch Apple, ALCATEL ONETOUCH, Huawei and Sony.Still with me Pebble remains the number one choice today, and I’ll explain why this is so.

At home I’ll allow myself a little note – flawless smart watch at this moment, from my perspective there. Neither Pebble watches are not perfect, however, as we show in this paper, is currently nearing perfection possible. When I bought many years ago a smart watch Sony Ericsson MBW150 Executive, I liked their design and construction. They look like a traditional watch, but additionally offered a small display and the ability to control the music player on your phone. So much of the crude but it was a good start.

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Huawei Watch Elegant and Jewel

With the presentation still going, here come the official information about new Huawei Watch Elegant and Jewel editions, two variants of the current company’s Android-based wearable Wear that do not modify the hardware but add a touch of exclusivity and femininity to the dial.

Body in gold (plated) with prices around $ 700, version Jewel has the ring covered with brilliant Swarovski. Both new versions will be available after March in major markets. Continue reading Huawei Watch Elegant and Jewel

Longines Watches: A Great Gift Idea!

Have you noticed the latest advertisement of Longines watches? The one with Simon Baker as a testimonial, don’t let on that there I think!

Beyond the fact that the Australian actor does not pass unnoticed even if they tried, the fact is that is the perfect man to represent the elegance of Longines watches. And I dare you to deny it.

The story of Longines brand

That being said, did you know that the historic home of watches has not always called Longines. At first it was the Agassiz & Compagnie, named after Auguste Agassiz who founded it in 1832 in the Swiss town of St-Imier (French-speaking district of the canton of Berne). Continue reading Longines Watches: A Great Gift Idea!

5 Ultra-thin Watches That Beat Records

Set a record and be recognized by the same ambition of many people and companies. In the world of horology would be no different. In this year, one of the SIHH disputes friendly between the marks was in the area of ultra-thin watches. And it’s not enough to be puny, not. The complexity of the complications and movements are essential items for those who want to enter this select group. Just below you can see the five models that were marked by its “thinness”.

The Minute Repeater with world’s thinnest self-winding:

Jaeger-LeCoultre Hybris Mechanica 11
In contrast to the topic of the list, the full name of this model is well stuffed: Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Minute Repeater ultra-thin Flying Tourbillon. And the piece has to brag about. Not only hold the record for the thinnest Repeater, but also managed to include a whirlwind and self-winding, through a rotor peripheral, in its movement of just 4.8 mm thick. The price hasn’t been released.

The minute repeater with world’s thinnest manual winding: Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporaine ultra-thin Caliber 1731
Displayed for the first time in Hong Kong, this Vacheron Constantin has the case a bit thicker than the Hybris Mechanica 11 (8.09 mm), however, the minute Repeater is somewhat thinner, just 3.9 mm. 1731 caliber, has hand-wound movement and power reserve of 65 hours. The movement also incorporates an innovative device, which reduces the zumbindos that may accompany the bells. The watch comes in a box of pink gold and is sold for $ 369,300 (without taxes).

The world’s thinnest mechanical watch: Piaget Altiplano 900 p
It should come as no surprise that Piaget is on the list. The brand is culturally associated with the superfinos watches. The Highland’s only thickness 900 p 3.65 mm, believe it or not. To do so, Piaget has merged the movement with the case, so that the back of the inner box serve as display. With 38 mm diameter box, the piece comes in rose gold, $ 26200, and white gold, $ 27800 (prices do not include fees or taxes).

The world’s thinnest Tourbillon currently on the market: Arnold & Son Utte
According to Sebastian Chaulmontet, Development Director of the Arnold & Son, was never the intention of the brand achieve this record, however, the Utte, or “Ultra Thin Tourbillon Escapement”, soon drew attention when it was released, in 2013, during Baselworld. The case has 8.43 mm thick and 42 in diameter. Slipstream the S8200 & has impressive 2.97 mm. This clock can be found in rose gold, $ 69050, or palladium $ 59950 (no fees or taxes).

The world’s thinnest Tourbillon to be released: Breguet Classique Tourbillon Extra Thin Automatic 5377
Model better Arnold & Son bear the title above while you can. Presented at Baselworld 2013 and to be released this year, the Breguet Classique Tourbillon Extra Thin Automatic 5377 has 42 mm diameter case and only 7 mm thick. His movement Caliber 581DR has only 3 mm, amazing, since the power reserve is 90 hours and its frequency is 4 Hz, exceptionally high for a Tourbillon movement. The price hasn’t been released.


10 Facts about Omega Watches

Omega is among the best known watch shops on the planet – and certainly the best known outside of it. Of NASA, the Olympic Games and James Bond, without even mentioning names like Speedmaster, Seamaster and Constellation, the brand has achieved status of rock-star among collectors and enthusiasts everywhere. Below, you read a list of things you should know about the company:

  1. What’s in a name?

In 1848, Louis Brandt founded the company that would later be Omega in La Chaux-de-Fonds, in Switzerland. In the year 1877, his sons Louis-Paul and César joined him and the company was renamed Louis Brandt & Fils. In 1894, the brand has produced a new movement which is stated as a major worldwide success, due to its precision and ease of repair. He was known as Omega caliber, and his success was so much that in 1903, the company name was changed to Louis Brandt & Frère-Omega Watch Co. and then came the name Omega.

  1. Chronometric precision

During the 19th and 20th centuries, before GPS and quartz, Nations and industries depended on the accuracy of mechanical watches. To encourage improvements in this field have been carried out tests at the Geneva Observatory. This Marathon was testing different types of watches for long periods. The winners win a substantial publicity and right to glory. The most important brands of clock degladiavam in this real world cup of watchmaking. Omega has achieved a tremendous success on these tests, and won several world records. In tests conducted in 1931, the brand won in all six categories. In this same year, the company adopted the slogan “Omega-Exact time for live”, “Omega-the exact time for life”. It wasn’t an exaggeration, but a credit backed by decades of good results obtained at the Observatory.

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Watches Online Shopping Low Price

Not just of pointers and dials as decorations that the watches are made. Behind that fine art there is a movement that has been carefully developed in its engineering, thus also in their props and material compositions. Many pieces have openings in your verse, usually of Crystal of Sapphire, presenting the user with a real magic: its fittings and parts.

Each caliber has its specific function, each brand presents its embellishments to your liking. However, it is to enchant the eye every little detail of these machines we carry on the wrist. Travel with us through 13 different watches, explore their role in the technical sheets below each image and observe in detail every move by clicking on the website.

Lange & Söhne Datograph Up/Down
Reference: 405,035
Movement: L gauge manufacturing 951.6; manual winding; flyback chronograph; jump function of minutes; large date display; power reserve indicator; diameter = 30.6 mm; height = 7.9 mm; 18000 HPV; 46 gems; 60-hour power reserve
Box: Platinum; diameter = 41 mm; height = 13.1 mm; abaloado Sapphire Crystal with anti-glare coating on both sides; back Sapphire Crystal posted by six screws; water resistance to 30 meters
Bracelet and clasp: Crocodile leather with clasps of titanium
Price: $ 87400 (no fees or taxes), available for import


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak
Reference: 15400ST. 00.1220ST. 02
Movement: Caliber 3120 in-house; Automatic; diameter = 26.6 mm; height = 4.26 mm; 21600 HPV; 40 jewels; 60-hour power reserve
Case: stainless steel; diameter = 41 mm; height = 9.8 mm; Sapphire Crystal with anti-glare coating on the outside; caseback Sapphire screwed in; screwed Crown; 50 meters under the water resistance
Bracelet and clasp: stainless steel bracelet with safety folding clasp
Price: Upon Request
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