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Westwing Guide to Art Nouveau Table Lamp

A good design of decoration needs to contemplate several aspects, from the circulation in the room, airing, coziness and, mainly, the illumination, that must be thought in the smallest details to give the appearance desired by the resident of the house. For more romantic, inviting and delicious environments, the lamp is an item that can not be lacking in lighting. When choosing a piece like this, the art nouveau lampshade is an item that stands out. Continue reading Westwing Guide to Art Nouveau Table Lamp

Led Lightings Rated Life

The manufacturer must publish a nominal lifetime for their LED bulbs – lighting hours and cycles. How can you know so well, and we customers must rely on this information?

10, 15, 25 years or even longer lifetime promise LED providers for their lamps and luminaries. Many models that may well be, but you can’t really know. Finally LED lighting is used in the budget until more than five years to any significant extent. In addition, this information refers not on continuous operation, but only an average of 2.7 hours activity per day. Continue reading Led Lightings Rated Life

Christmas: The Most Beautiful Christmas Lights

At the time of the holiday season, the lights illuminate our trees, but also our interiors! Always warm, they bring a magical touch to the decoration. Often LED, light strings today offer many possibilities of colors and settings. Side House offers a selection of led to a decoration Christmas lights of the more successful!

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LED Filament Bulbs with Affordable Introductory Price

Many consumers mourn you always still behind, the “good old” light bulb. Often, they forget that she was a very beautiful energy hog not so good, but in truth—especially compared to LED lights. Finally, there is now a solution that combines the best of two light sources: energy efficiency of LED and the beautiful light of a light bulb. Continue reading LED Filament Bulbs with Affordable Introductory Price

Classic Ceiling Lights

Classic furnishes and chic makes your rooms with wooden furniture and accessories in retro glass. Luxury characterize the classic ceiling lights and sconces here illuminate the rooms, living room and kitchen and hardwood furniture furnish with class. Register for free: daily online many proposals of furniture and accessories to furnish your home in style. Be inspired by recommendations of Dalani and make your home even more beautiful. Love your home!

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I Would Like To Save Energy With LED, But …

But LEDs do not replace light bulbs at all!

However, the new LEDs can replace light bulbs one by one. However, LEDs have more than one equivalent to the old light bulb. This is due to the technical possibilities. With LEDs, many technical subtleties are variable, such as the light color, the color temperature, the angle of radiation or the wattage. This has the effect, on the one hand, that there is more choice on the other, but it is also more difficult to look through the supply jungle. Continue reading I Would Like To Save Energy With LED, But …

LED Lighting In Offices

The future has been made present with LED lighting

We are seeing how our environment is changing thanks to the wide range of possibilities offered by new technologies and one of the main responsible is LED lighting that combines innovation, design and   sustainability, perfect blend to use in our work environment. LED lighting in offices is already a reality that allows to create pleasant and efficient spaces in which to work is not so hard. Continue reading LED Lighting In Offices

Where to Buy LED Bulbs

If you read clicks, you are aware of the energy challenges facing our society today. Consume less and better part of your concerns, and when you have the opportunity, you apply already the right gestures efficiency.

A perfect opportunity to replace your light bulbs

Even if you have already started to replace your bulbs at the end by LED, you do it gradually and still you probably the halogen, compact fluorescent or maybe even filament.

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MagLite XL200 Flashlight Review

The XL200 US manufacturers Maglite is the big brother of the previous models XL 50 and XL100 and XL100 to the performance of the combine with the user-friendliness of the XL50. The LED flashlight has a range of 136 meters at a luminance of up to 172 lumens. The  Cree XP-G LED delivers here a very clear and extensive light cone and the aluminum housing fits comfortably in your hand.


The XL200 is (eg black, blue, red) in different colors and three cheap and readily available AAA batteries (included) powered by electricity. As on all MagLite products are also available on the XL200, a 10-year warranty.


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Outdoor Night Lights

Without good lighting also a nicely decorated garden, comfortable, welcoming and great aesthetic impact, loses some of its charm and its attraction, if it can not be experienced at sunset light. Indeed, warn experts, among the first items to introduce to ensure full livability of outdoor environments, there are just the highlights.

This is because in the summer the hours of the day are so hot that hardly goes outside, despite one may find areas of shade and refreshment. It is at sunset, when the air cools, it feels more the need to abandon the indoors, out, relax and enjoy the view.

Without adequate lighting live fully these open areas, alone for your relaxing or with friends for cocktails and banquets, it becomes an impossible task.

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As you know those who have controlled me on Twitter a few days ago I published that on receiving the last bright sweets prepare an entry talking a bit about what I use to light my photos and today is the day … so … we the mess. the first thing to know is that the light can distinguish two main groups (warm or cold) easily by color. we called warm light to those lights that emit a yellow color, usually are flashlights with filament bulbs ( the lifelong, so we understand) as its name indicates, we convey a feeling of warmth in the scene. I usually use the lot to illuminate rocks in the foreground and also to paint the “models” that ever introduce them. Mini Maglite AA flashlight small and easy to use. Its high density bulb krypton (LM2A001 type) is powered by two AA batteries. Its low power makes a great ally to illuminate objects in the foreground and figures. The only fault I find is that the stream of light is uneven and depending on how focused we create a shadow in the center of the jet that can ruin the shot. Its price is around 15-20 €.


Ultrafire M5

flashlight medium sized, equipped with a LED brand Cree and type MC-E that emits a powerful warm light (4000 ° K by the seller) and powered by a battery 18650 is ideal for filling objects at any distance (without going over remoteness). The manufacturer claims that its power output is 700 lumens, but I think not even enough long, still has enough power. Its price is around 18 €.


3D Maglite

flashlight strong but easy to use. The two batteries of Type D feed your bulb (LWSA301) of krypton.Medium / high power, the first thing that strikes is so underpowered it seems at first, but is ideal for illuminating distant objects thanks to the possibility of concentrating its light jet. We can also use it without reflector as a “candle”, ideal to hold in hand as a torch and achieve an effect browser in some shots. You can also use it as a cudgel if the night is complicated lol. Its price is around 28-32 € on


Called cold light those lamps that emit a blue or white. They are usually used flashlights xenon bulbs (about 6000 ° K) of these are few and see. The most common are riding led the already popular thanks to its small consumption (eye, not all) and great autonomy reaching 100,000 hours.


Led Lenser M7R. (Rechargeable) Flashlight medium sized with possibility of concentrating its light jet about 220 lumens. Ability to control its power, makes it ideal for illuminating objects both short and middle distance even getting good results squeezing their potential to illuminate objects at long distance. Its LED type high power is supplied by a battery of type 18650 Li-ION 2200mAh and 3.7V that give it a range of about 20 hours (somewhat less according to my tests) Its price is somewhat higher and is around 140 €.


Led Lenser front H7R2. (Rechargeable)

Indispensable to move freely around the locations, leaving both hands free for climbing, hang or whatever it takes. Has a powerful Xtreme Power LED series powered by a 3.7 V lithium battery it is able to launch a powerful beam of light of 300 lumens. It has a simple control system luminous flux from 5 lumens in its most tenuous way to 300 at full power. Like M7R, also it has a system power management SLT (Smart Ligth Technology) that lets you select different modes of battery management mode (constant discharge or energy saving mode) and different light modes using a single pulse system. Its price is around 90 €

Tutorial -Installing LED Tape Lighting

I have witnessed many LED strips facilities with various types of tape and in various scenarios and needs. The results, in general, are good. Even with no experience can venture into this task, and I might add, it is very tasty. However, with some care and information, the most common mistakes can be avoided.

The objective of this article is to share experiences in a very objective manner on the installation of LED strips. I still say it’s a collection of tips and best practices, with the following topics:

  • LED tape installation unicolor
  • unicolor LED tape installation with mini dimmer (mini controller)
  • Cut tape led unshielded
  • Splice LED tape with soldering iron
  • Cut armored LED tape
  • Mend armored LED tape with soldering iron
  • Ribbon Collage led panels or mirrors
  • Ribbon Collage led in cortineiro or tabica

LED Tape Installation Unicolor

For this installation you need a tape LED (1), 12V power source (2) and a P4 type connector (3). See itypetravel:

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Tips For Choosing LED Light Your Bike

Bicycles are the most prominent trend of the moment as far as urban mobility is concerned and as we have seen in recent years its use has proliferated in cities and in the countryside. This means more cyclists on the road and a greater need to know and respect the traffic rules to coexist with other vehicles. And among these standards, one of the most important is that the cyclist and his bicycle must be easily seen by other drivers.

Maintain a constant speed, signal correctly movements and changes of direction to other vehicles and, above all, take our position indicating lights are precautions to run safely on a bicycle. In the case of lighting, its use is mandatory when conditions worsen visibility at dusk or in fog situations, both for other vehicles to facilitate the conduct of cyclists.

What to consider when choosing a light for your bike? First, the rules vary regarding the headlights, which should be white or yellow when used, while the rear lights, red, are always required. When done with lighting for cycling, there are models that allow several usage modes, with fixed or flashing lights to increase visibility of the bicycle almost a hundred meters.

For ease of use and avoid discomfort, it is important to choose a light for your bike that is manageable and easy to install and remove, to prevent theft. In addition, it is wise to opt for lights that have systems waterproofing and flexible and resistant housings that offer us greater durability and ignition systems to apply the brake. But undoubtedly the most important factor varies between some models and others is its collection and energy management, ranging from classical to supply solar dynamo latest models.

If we talk about energy efficiency, LED lights are the ones that take the palm, with minimal expense and a lifetime that surpasses its competitors. To bring power to its bulbs, many models choose lithium batteries that are recharged with the same cables that use our smartphones, while seeking sustainability plus tend to opt for more renewable and environmentally friendly solutions.

The old charging system light through the movement of the wheels still in place, but the latest trend goes even further in the use of clean energy, incorporating solar panels that feed the LED lights with increased efficiency without pedaling to obtain the required illumination. In Twenergy we like to recommend latest models, such as Solar LED rear light Unotec, which provides up to four hours of light fixed charge only the sun and durability bulb up to fifteen years. An effective light for your bike increases your security and reduces your carbon footprint.

You can find the LED lights on