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Ankle String Bracelets

Ankle chain, a sensuous gem

For some, the chain or the ankle bracelet is a gem that women wear as a sign of invitation to the opposite sex. For others, this gem is used to mark his homosexuality. But all of these meanings are unfounded. If one refers to the African traditions or Indian still preserved to this day in some regions as in Senegal, wearing an ankle chain is indeed considered a weapon of seduction. Continue reading Ankle String Bracelets

Sensual Jewellery Career y Career

The style of Career y Career inimitably transported the Spanish heat. Here: The model of gardenias.

Not only the Spanish Royal family knows that the power of a piece of jewellery Career Y Career symbolizes the temperament of the wearer. Privateers and museums collect both the products of the jewellery company, which has its own distinct style despite their elderly age of 128, which could be hardly vital. Continue reading Sensual Jewellery Career y Career

Which To Choose: White Gold Ring Or Yellow Gold?

When we think of gold, we usually think of precious metal bijoux and bars in yellow color and some variations of yellow. Actually, the most common gold is yellow, but there are some variations in coloration, including silver, called white gold . But then, what is the best decision to make: choose a white gold ring or a yellow gold ring? Do not know the answer? We’ll help you better understand the differences! Continue reading Which To Choose: White Gold Ring Or Yellow Gold?

Gold Bismarck Chain Wholesale

Gold jewelry in female casket always yearbooks. There is nothing surprising in this, because gold – a beautiful and precious metal used in the manufacture of sophisticated, elegant or massive rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, chains. Of course, the quality of the material and its cost are paramount when buying jewelry, but also the appearance of women do not last. Unusual weaving chains of gold is able to interest and captured the hearts of women, and then the value of the product fades into the background. What types of gold chains covering most attractive to girls?

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Best Men’s Jewelry Designer

One of the few pieces of jewelry that men should possess is the cufflink. With this accessory can man stylish shine and prove individuality. Here the most important trends and advice about cufflinks.

Cufflinks are next to watch and wedding ring is the only jewel that should carry a man in the office. Depending on the position may cufflinks discreet or fail exclusive. At work wearing cufflinks is mostly in traditional sectors or elevated positions adequately and here is the motto: Dear underdressed than overdressed. Do not wear flashier cufflinks as your manager. Noble metal cufflinks in simple, square shape and with teilsatinierter surface are the ideal complement to office shirt with double cuffs . The trend also oval cufflinks are a precious gemstone.

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What to Wear When You Go Back to Work?

Between the emails that have accumulated and waking always a bit difficult, the return is a time that we all dread. Fortunately, with a tailored look, the return to reality is more enjoyable!

Prefer Sobriety

The first day of school, your colleagues will assess your tan and will ask you questions about your vacation. No need to add more with an obtrusive look! Play the simplicity card, and avoid showing off all reported jewelry Mauritius. Prefer to adopt a fluid pants with a blouse or jeans and a sweater end if the atmosphere of the company is more relaxed. Ditto for makeup: If you are part of the sun and your skin is nicely golden, opt for a little mascara and a touch of lipstick. Conversely, if your tan is nothing spectacular, useless to be the envy of your colleagues by having too heavy a hand on the foundation. A little blush should be enough to give you good-looking!

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Vivienne Westwood Palladium Jewelry

Vivienne Westwood launches into a new project and offers us a new line of jewelry palladium, this line is called The Vivienne Westwood Get A Life Palladium Collection and will debut at the show in London at the upcoming London Fashion Week which will present the collections autumn winter 2011 2012. This line of jewelry is very expected and I can not wait to admire his new creations, palladium is still little used and I am sure that she will create small magic. Continue reading Vivienne Westwood Palladium Jewelry

De Grisogono Jewelry Prices

We start the day with a little ‘healthy romance, today I propose the collection of for Valentine’s Day, really beautiful jewelry and fascinating. De Grisogono is a luxury brand specializing in jewelry, in recent months we have seen several times his creations especially worn by the most beautiful women in the world … Do you remember Bianca Balti parure with white diamonds and green emeralds on the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival 2011? Continue reading De Grisogono Jewelry Prices

Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

We, next Sunday is Mother’s Day and gift ideas rained, even though some of you are going crazy trying to find the perfect gift. Different brands are scrambling to provide useful advice, there are those who focuses on jewelery and bijoux, those who dedicate themselves to make up and who knows that his choice will focus on accessories of various types, from bags to the small articles leather. Here are some ideas of fashion brands that we represent in that range in these sectors. Continue reading Mother’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

Royal Wedding Rings Collection

Missing only two days at the wedding of the year and fever Royal Wedding rages everywhere, even infecting the fashion houses and brands. Are many brands that fact at the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton have created limited editions and commemorative capsule collection. He ‘also the case of Toy Watch, Italian watch brand for the royal wedding has dedicated its iconic model with the dial decorated with the Union Jack, the British flag. Continue reading Royal Wedding Rings Collection

Dresses Bridal Jewelry

Wear a wedding dress with jewel is a choice of precious and elegant style, perfect for girls who dream of a wedding in the large, to crown their dream of love as real princesses. The jewel dress is a very common trend in new collections of 2016: if you look crammed with sophisticated décor and chic, you will not be disappointed, designers around the world have indulged with rhinestones, embroidery and beads, with bright clothes and processed, treated in detail. Bodices, skirts and décolletés will be able to replace accessories such as necklaces, for a radiant look.

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Choosing the Color of Pearls

Most people imagine a string of pearls of fine jewelry, perfectly round pearls and white describes. But the beads are the “chameleon” among all the gems, offering every conceivable color variables. This wide range of color options provides high versatility to pearls, helping easily matched with any style and wardrobe.

Still the most popular of all the colored pearls is unquestionably white. White Akoya pearls pearling clam were the first to be commercially produced at the beginning of the 20th century Japanese Pearl company Mikimoto. Today, the white pearls are found in every variety of cultured pearls, even among the pearls the atolls of French Polynesia, which are famous for their most common natural colors dark.

The freshwater pearls offer a range of pastel colors rarely found in other types of natural pearls. Their colors vary from white net, such a deep pink and lavender. The rarest of all the colored freshwater pearls are often referred to as exotic and include shades like green and gold. Black pearls are new compared to the scene of the pearls, but have quickly become a touch of fashion to the classic look of pearls.

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How to Match Boho Jewelry

The jewels inspired from boho-chic is the new trend Spring / Summer 2016 fashion victim to which no one can resist, lively patterns and saucy in perfect line with the dictates coming from the catwalks of haute couture. In view of the warm season to dominate the scene will then maxi necklaces, pendants in the shape of feathers, colored charms and bracelets set of soft materials in the period aims nuances.

The Trends of Summer 2016

The boho-chic jewelry stood as one of the must-have Spring / Summer 2016 the most interesting of the moment, models that collect in itself the elements of fashion bohemian, hippie accents and 70s that really never go out of fashion, as demonstrated by us all the finest collections of the season. The lines of accessories of the great fashion houses and specialized brands are rich in creations of this type, often very original articles.

Jaws of the gauge’s Day have included among their new arrivals earrings with large pendants in the shape of feathers from the base in white gold, while Isabel Marant thought vertical earrings multi-strand interspersed with pastel charms. Maxi pendants (see in the shape of colorful feathers and stones mark the creations of Rosantica and Dolce & Gabbana, while low cost brands such as glamourous, accessorize and Asos aim at more eccentric items from showy pastel applications.

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The Secrets To Choose Jewelry

You may have noticed that in summer there is jewelry that do not expose at least one gem in Raspberry. Has always been considered the stone cult of summer, Although in some particular nuance of color you can safely use even in winter.

In Taormina the showcases are full of coral strands and also very original creations.This past weekend I was in Cilento and even there no shortage of jewelry with the coral of Torre del Greco, one of the most famous of this stone.

I reported an interesting view on coral in Sicily but to satisfy the curiosity of Super-Alive and as she undergoes the charm of this wonderful stone, here I talk about it some more. With great pleasure, mind you. Continue reading The Secrets To Choose Jewelry

How to Wear Ethnic Jewelry (in Vintage Style)

Here’s a special on ethnic jewelry for summer 2016, and how to be able to match them with taste and imagination!
The jewels are not simple objects: each one carries a strong emotional charge, especially when it comes to necklaces and bracelets that come from a distance and that, despite the passing of years, retain their meaning.
What are the tips for having a look at the top without giving up an ethnic touch in the middle of 2016 style?
Here you go!

Coachella Vanessa Hudgens look

Match the jewelry to clothes is never easy, which is why it is good to learn from the star!
Vanessa Hudgens at internetages has always given great emotions: on this occasion, in fact, has been satisfied again with wonderful Etnochic look. Riga in part combined with a hairstyle and colorful caftan super easy, a classic line in the center and a pair of earrings from the enviable design.

To be in theme with the festival, the star of High School Musical has decided to apply some jewelry on front, but it would have been equally amazing if he had not done it!

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