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Trends in Jewelry for the Summer

Every woman vain beyond worrying about the beauty, clothing and footwear, also does not relieve the use of accessories that are essential to complete the looks of each day. Of the most basic to the most daring, earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets can not miss in the women’s locker. So, see what are the trends in bijoux for summer 2015: Continue reading Trends in Jewelry for the Summer

Know Which Stone Jewelery Combines with Your Personality

From ancient times to the present, no matter how many years have passed, the fascination of women by the jewelry remains intact. Can you imagine the Cleopatra of the history books without their rich adornments? Or an Oscar night without the brilliance of precious stones parade on the red carpet? In Brazil, we are in a privileged position: the country occupies a prominent position among the major Nations that extract the material. The Brazilian Institute of gems and precious metals (IBGM) estimates that more than 250 variations of gems can be found on domestic soil. Continue reading Know Which Stone Jewelery Combines with Your Personality

Stainless Jewellery Trends for Summer

Jewelry is the perfect accessory to his outfit failed to round off and give it a personal touch. You can also express his individuality with jewelry. Therefore, jewelry subject to the same trends as fashion, so that there are also seasonal trend movements.

Accordingly, the range of jewellery is virtually limitless, because there is the perfect piece of jewelry for every occasion and every taste and every personality and every age. While the so-called beads and charms of popular enjoy particularly among girls and young women.

Continue reading Stainless Jewellery Trends for Summer

Jewelry Making by Bulgari and Ferragamo

Ferragamo and Bulgari make common cause.

For the first time, the two giants of the fashion world unite to bring a common jewelry line on the market. So you wanted at Ferragamo opens a new customer base and “extend the offer”, said Ferruccio Ferragamo, President of the label, which is so far known for its shoes, bags and clothing.

Continue reading Jewelry Making by Bulgari and Ferragamo

Jewelry in Winter Design

Well, somehow the winter is still waiting.There was no real white Christmas for us in Flachland either.Too bad.But the winter is surely already on his mission, as the past years have shown.And since we usually like to adapt our accessories to the season and certain events, we now have to create jewelery in a wintry design.So really nice with snowflakes and in bright colors.Told done, here our suggestions. Continue reading Jewelry in Winter Design

Check Out the Best Selling Profession Necklaces of Frances Jewelry

Today I got a new awesome to tell you. Know our profession necklaces? So, in addition to the templates that we have and that are the most successful, now has news on our site. Other professions and models arrived in our shop and you’ll love every one. In addition, you can combine with some necklaces[…] Continue reading Check Out the Best Selling Profession Necklaces of Frances Jewelry

7 Tips on Veneer factory Plus Size Costume Jewelry

Want to have your own business? The veneer factory is a great option! See how to mount.

Ask a woman what are the accessories that can not miss in time to assemble a look, for sure, some of the answers are rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings, which are able to give a “up” in any visual. These pieces are always in fashion, often arousing the interest, especially the female audience due to launch of new collections that occur several times a year. Continue reading 7 Tips on Veneer factory Plus Size Costume Jewelry

Ten Trends for Fashion Autumn-Winter

We’ve set up ten trends for fashion autumn-winter 2016 for you prepare your wardrobe and stay in style at the cooler season of the year. There are several news that winter trends 2016 bring. Fashion is always renewed to every season that comes and it is important that you follow the trends in your own volition, for liking and feel good dressing in such a way. Continue reading Ten Trends for Fashion Autumn-Winter

Maxi Earrings – Photos

Pictures and Models of Maxi Earrings

The Maxi Earrings fashion is with everything, and just like the maxi necklaces these earrings are also large and have beautiful stones and very modern design.But first you need to know how to use, and do not think that the two trends combine, ie the maxi necklace with the maxi earring, they should be used separately, even more because they are great and you will not want to overload your look. Continue reading Maxi Earrings – Photos

Jewelry with Marcassitas

Jewelry with marcassitas: you’re a lover of these types of plays?a

Brass-yellow stone, has darker or black variations – the latter more popular in the world of jewelry. Use your records were found in the 16th century in England, later widely used in the 18th century and also fashionable at the beginning of the 20th century, during periods of art nouveau and Deco. Continue reading Jewelry with Marcassitas

Precious Stones as Accessories for the Bride

After the dress and the shoes chosen to compose a beautiful view you have to consider in wedding accessories that are as important as the other items. Tiara, Crown, earrings, bracelets and necklaces make a difference and bring even more charm and glamour to the bride, especially if the parts count with the shine of the precious stones. In today’s post you will check what are the more traditional jewelry for that day and some tips on how to choose them: Continue reading Precious Stones as Accessories for the Bride

To Take Care of Your Jewelry and Accessories

At the end of year is common good organized trips to reconnect with family and friends and we can sin in choosing, arrange and care for jewelry on these occasions. With that in mind, we’ve put together tips on how to care for and transport your favorite pieces for their holiday trips. Also check out the list of suggestions of jewels to take on your trip. Continue reading To Take Care of Your Jewelry and Accessories

How to Combine Price and Quality with Your Jewelry Products

Regardless of the industry, any company that wants to become competitive and attract the attention of the consumer must always work so that two variables are perfectly aligned in their deliveries:price and quality of products.

The balance between these two factors is what defines how attractive your business can be, after all, we know that the consumer does not give up quality products.However, the price item at the time of a purchase weighs heavily.

So, you want to know how to combine price and quality with your jewelry products?Come with us reading today’s post! Continue reading How to Combine Price and Quality with Your Jewelry Products

Ideas and Types of Female Rings, Toe Rings

Jewelry-The Combination of Rings and Alliances Must Always Be Perfect and Harmonic

The jewels are timeless. And they are present in the history of man since they came to be produced as human adornments. They can be made of various noble materials such as bronze, white and yellow gold, silver and platinum and, in addition, be studded with various types of stones and pearls. A plethora of designs and sizes, as well as uses and prices. The jewels have already been linked only to the universe of the nobility, but today it is possible that any mortal can have his jewel, even if it is not the rarest (and expensive) object of desire of several collected around the world. Continue reading Ideas and Types of Female Rings, Toe Rings

Learn to Use the Maxi Accessories

They all do it perfectly. But can you do it too? Find out with our tips How to use this trend to perfection.

One of the greatest trends in the moment is the use of accessories: and many. But knowing how to combine them is an art! The idea is to combine minimalist and delicate parts with heavier and larger parts, whichever accessory. Continue reading Learn to Use the Maxi Accessories

Which Piece to Keep for Winter? Bib Necklaces

Hello fashionistas, alright?!

A frequent desire among women during station exchanges is to be able to wear something that they bought earlier in the next season. From High Summer to Autumn, the climate difference is not so different in our tropical country, but because it is two different times of the year, the trends change a bit. Continue reading Which Piece to Keep for Winter? Bib Necklaces

Cross Accessories, Necklaces

Tips on How You Should Use the Cross Accessories

The cross-shaped accessories are perfect to be used on different occasions, for different styles. Because they are democratic they end up appealing to many people and becoming a trend. This type of ornament is interesting because it offers several possibilities of use for those who adopt it. From bracelets to necklaces and earrings, the cross-themed pieces have been very successful among the ladybug. This figure, which bears a lot of symbology, is an inheritance of the 80’s. Success years ago, the crosses returned with everything to the fashion world and today can be found in different places, from fashion to decoration. Continue reading Cross Accessories, Necklaces