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How to Use the Tablet Mode on Windows 10

One of the coolest things that have been improved in Windows 10:00 pm over Windows 8, it was the touch and controls the resources used by them. One of the best examples is the tablet mode, which makes the whole system to dedicate themselves and focus on the use of the touch screen so really useful and functional, something that older versions of Windows still could not do very well. Continue reading How to Use the Tablet Mode on Windows 10

Gifts for Children

What wishes the young? It should be original, the gift. And something special. And it must also be hip and cool. Not so easy for parents and family members, but also for friends and acquaintances, which rush prior to the birthday party in the search for suitable gifts for children through the shopping streets. Now, what is the best present for the young? Offers a huge selection of trading and so spoilt for choice between hundreds of dolls, action figures and Playsets is really not easy. But how to find the best gifts for children now? Continue reading Gifts for Children

Drinks to Enjoy the Weekend!

Uauuuuuu as soon as we pulled out of a weekend long and has arrived the weekend…. Jeez good thing huh! To celebrate a few more short days off… lol… the Hunch of Luxury is having a really hot tip for you: there are three types of drinks that are the most successful in Spain. I was there in August and I confess that I could not resist… took some “SIPs” of these delights… facinhas facinhas to prepare at home to receive the guests with great style! Ariba.. Ariba… paper and pen in hand and “Chu Chu”! Continue reading Drinks to Enjoy the Weekend!

Kitchen Tiles: Tips for Making the Right Choice

We currently have many types of coatings available on the market, which gives us more choice, but it doubles our attention when choosing one. The need for space, storage and making the environment more functional, gives way to the planned joinery, just as kitchens increasingly integrated the living room or dining room, end up losing walls that would be used to coat. Continue reading Kitchen Tiles: Tips for Making the Right Choice

Cheap Decorating Tips for Your Home

Decorating the house may seem like an unpleasant task, after all there’s always one more room to be changed, and when you think it’s over, the urge to change everything knocks on the door. One of the difficulties, or excuses, may be the lack of money for all these changes, thinking about it, we separated some cheap decoration tips to make your home ever more beautiful without spending much. Continue reading Cheap Decorating Tips for Your Home

How Do I Connect Up Security Cameras to Verizon Wires?

Verizon FiOS is a provider of home based communication services that offers services such as Internet, television and telephone. They claim to have the fastest Internet in the United States because they use fiber optics to carry their data. If you would like to connect a security camera using Verizon FiOS, then you will also have faster data speeds, which means better image quality. Continue reading How Do I Connect Up Security Cameras to Verizon Wires?

Parrot Bebop 2

Cheap Entry Price, Many Improvements And A Very Successful Design Label The New  Parrot Bebop 2 .We Have Taken The Quadrocopter To A Praxistest And Clarified Not Just The Benefits, But Also The Disadvantages.

At the end of the Christmas season in 2015, the flying robots were a selling point. Again and again we were asked questions about the best possible quadrocopter. But not only the price is important: many beginners also want easy operation, high resolution fisheye camera and a long battery life. The  Parrot Bebop 2 is equipped with an entry price of 549, -Euro in the middle segment and at the same time equipped with an integrated 14-megapixel camera. Parrot also has a flight time of around 25 minutes. Smearings have to be made in terms of 4K resolution or HD-Livestream-things to which beginners really should not value. Continue reading Parrot Bebop 2