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How to Have Perfect Eyebrows for Your Wedding

Months before their wedding, brides begin an extensive beauty routine. This includes spa sessions, Reductor massages, exfoliations, waxing, treatments, hair, manicure, pedicure…However, many often forget their eyebrows. The truth is that if you don’t take care of this natural face frame, even the best of the makeup may not look spectacular. Continue reading How to Have Perfect Eyebrows for Your Wedding

Beauty Blender for Mineral Makeup

What is the Beauty Blender and how is it used? The Beauty Blender is a sponge shaped egg, used in backstage to apply liquid foundation and powder, or illuminating concealers, then slipping on the skin for an ultra natural effect. Thanks its soft ultra comfortable texture, perfectly adapted to the contours of the face and delicate as a caress each side, in fact, is not the same, but has a different function, able to change the application of make-up from home. The result? A more even-toned, radiant and smooth for hours. Continue reading Beauty Blender for Mineral Makeup

The History Of Makeup In The 50s

When one thinks of the colorful make up in the 50s, then a now famous women such as Grace Kelly, Sophia Loreen, Audrey Hepburn, and a host of other Hollywood stars invade, which have perfected their make up and used as its very own trademark.These women of the rockin’ 50s were and are featured not only victims, but also popular beauty icons for several generations of women around the world. Their seductive make up looks defined the 1950s, which were no doubt the age of glamour! Holy sanctuaries for all the glamorous ladies of the world were beauty salons and powder rooms. Today we want to give you a little insight into the wonderful world of make-up in the 50s. Continue reading The History Of Makeup In The 50s

Internet Filters for Children

The number of children that connect to internet for educational needs or just for fun, is increasing. The web is a place of anarchy in which anything goes, and where rarely is seeing cases of censorship, does not explain otherwise the prevalence of pornography. We see then how to make the internet safe for our children.

The children use the internet at school already for six years, and this will clearly also a use within the family, which in most cases should be supervised by an adult, so please make sure that the small access only to content that is appropriate to his age. Continue reading Internet Filters for Children

Pregnant in the Summer

Essential advice for vacation smoothly.

Now it comes to leisure time and the heat, let’s help her enjoy her pregnancy.

There are several procedures that can mitigate the unpleasant symptoms and allow experience this phase of your life in the best way, even with the thermometers at the peak.

The symptoms of pregnancy vary according to each trimester of pregnancy, but are not reason to stop doing what you always gave him pleasure in vacation time. In addition to drowsiness, nausea in the first quarter, are one of the most common drawbacks.

Continue reading Pregnant in the Summer

Chicken Pox Vaccine, Children: Fever, Incubation, Contagion and Duration

Chickenpox in children is an infectious disease, highly contagious illnesses, diseases and widespread. During the summer, the sea, the beach and the open spaces are sources of contagion. Here are the symptoms, care, directions and photos to recognize it and treat it as laid out by our pediatrician.

Chickenpox is caused by a virus which is also responsible for a disease which is called Herpes zoster, popularly known as the “St. Anthony’s fire”. Continue reading Chicken Pox Vaccine, Children: Fever, Incubation, Contagion and Duration

Lose Weight after Pregnancy

The advice of nutritionist Alva Sandhu Malik that will help.

Anabela Correia had, like many women, the dream of being a mother but during pregnancy the first daughter, Magdalene, gained almost 30 pounds, a weight gain that caught by surprise. «Was mom for about five months and during pregnancy increased 27 pounds, 20 of which still keep’ vents.

At first glance, the solution may seem simple, once sufficient diet and ready. However my pounds are not fat, because my problem is fluid retention. I talked to the family doctor and the solution wouldn’t dream of taking a diuretic. Turns out I’m breast-feeding and the diuretic, in addition to the milk, could even dry it», stresses Anabela Correia. Continue reading Lose Weight after Pregnancy

Adequate Nutrition of Nutrients During Pregnancy

The advice of a biomedical.

The biological clock, sooner or later, awake for most women.

It’s time to generate a new life. Proper nutrition of micronutrients is therefore critical to ensure a good breast development and provide the power for the baby’s growth.

According to the study conducted by Lecerf Lille, while a balanced diet, the mother does not receive the recommended daily amount of vitamins B1 (90%), B2 (62 percent), C (58%) and magnesium (78 percent). The shortage of folic acid (vitamin B9), vitamin C, magnesium and zinc, in the early months of pregnancy, is involved in the reduction of cells of the uterus and fetal malformation.

Continue reading Adequate Nutrition of Nutrients During Pregnancy

I'm Pregnant. Can I Dye My Hair?

We spoke to a Hairdresser to help you know what you should and should not do in this case.

One of the most controversial issues among women involves the use or not of paints or any other chemical in the hair during the period of pregnancy. Will they do any harm to the baby that is inside the stomach? What are the consequences that the use of chemical products can bring to pregnancy? Continue reading I'm Pregnant. Can I Dye My Hair?

High Fashion Makeup Trends

The makeup is a way to exalt the beauty at any time.

Everyone is keeping an eye on fashion trends in 2016 autumn/winter, including makeup. The parades of SPFW reveal a little about the makeup for the chilly period of the year.

Do you think you should choose a dark lipstick in autumn and winter, then you are wrong. There is no longer a single prevailing style.

Continue reading High Fashion Makeup Trends

10 Fierce Halloween Cat Makeup Ideas Tutorial

Good Morning Divas!!!

Since today is Friday, I decided to  write a tutorial on very easy makeup and DIVA for you to glorify this weekend!

You already know that the expert in blog Rajiv’s makes, but as she’s too wrapped up lately, I decided to risk it to not leave you orphaned for much longer!

The video was a little long because I’m sooo slow and talk too much! But I promise to make is simple and quick to do for anyone who has that natural gift!

Continue reading 10 Fierce Halloween Cat Makeup Ideas Tutorial

Makeup Trend Spring Summer 2016

The appearance of the hottest season in the year always comes with different colors to brighten up the clothes, makeup and decorations. And, the multicolor combines with summer in Brazil.

Which “tone” will be given to the fashion makeup of summer 2016?  Techniques, style and colors of makeup?

Classic style? Bold makeup? Focusing on the eyes? Light makeup?

Continue reading Makeup Trend Spring Summer 2016

Is BB Cream Makeup or Skin Care

The makeup industry has brought about innovative products.

There is a search for a lighter, more natural and less exaggerated makeup.

The BB cream (Blemish Balm Cream) is a part of this kind of products for a light makeup that makes you look like wearing makeup. And, at the same time, it provides a remarkable beautification for skin.

There are many reasons to use the BB cream, but people who use the product point out its practicability and correctness for the skin (similar to what the base does) as the main reason.

Continue reading Is BB Cream Makeup or Skin Care

Makeup Red Lips and Eyeliner

The red lipstick is coloring many mouths…

Hollywood and the most famous celebrities all over the world are wearing red lipsticks. Therefore, be aware that red mouth is a classic in makeup.

It’s sexy, glamorous and chic.

There is a need to remember the great heroine of the movies, Marilyn Monroe. And what about the iconic pin-ups with red mouths? Don’t forget the famous burlesque actress Dita von Teese and the singer Gwen Stefani. It’s probable to think of many other celebrities if you are given more time to recall.

Continue reading Makeup Red Lips and Eyeliner

Makeup Tips: My Current Top 5 Lipsticks

That woman is in love with lipstick, isn’t she?!

When I started the blog, I always opted for lighter shades, as natural as possible. Because as I have plumper lips, I was scared to dare a little in the colors and look like the Joker!

But as you started asking me to try darker shades, I ended up proving and loving! Today my little collection of lipsticks rules out of all nude and has colors ranging from Orange to wine, and use all, whether day or night.

So. .. How do you always ask me what color I’m using in a particular photo, I decided to choose my top 5!

Continue reading Makeup Tips: My Current Top 5 Lipsticks

Wedding Hairstyles Braids Long Hair

The semiraccolto is the perfect hairstyle for those looking for a romantic look for your wedding day, a chic touch to the hair of the bride dreamer and that is well suited to many different styles. Very highly recommended to those who have the hair long, the semiraccolto can be developed in various hairstyles, from the simplest to the most elaborate. The important thing is that this kind of look remains soft on the shoulders, which gives value to your hair, decorating it with accessories and small precious items referring to makeup and clothes. The semiraccolto is suitable for both those looking for a DIY look at both those who love the most sought after styles and elaborate, unique for the big day.
So many different semiraccolti for your wedding Continue reading Wedding Hairstyles Braids Long Hair