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Save Space in the Bag

See how to pack belongings and clothes to make the luggage more organized

Making the suitcase is considered by many an art. In addition to assessing what should be taken, without excess or lack, organizing clothes and accessories to save space can be critical. After all, the return is always heavier, and luggage ends up with souvenirs and other accouterments acquired in the holiday destination. Continue reading Save Space in the Bag

How to Choose the Ideal Baby Handbag

Fabric, shape, durability and internal space must be observed prior to purchase

The choice of the baby’s walking bag is very important since after the child’s birth the bag will accompany, for a long period, all exits of the mother and the baby.

Whether it is for a birthday party, a trip to the doctor, a visit to the grandparents’ house or a short walk, the bag is a mandatory item on the way out with the baby so it is important that it is practical, organized and functional. Continue reading How to Choose the Ideal Baby Handbag

Babymel Bag Department Store

No more stale diaper bags is finally available! With a diaper bag by Babymel women must no longer waive parents during a stylish accessory. The London label Babymel founded in 2006, is committed to establishing modern diaper bags, which are practically inside and outside absolutely fashionable. While Babymel has skillfully also not only always the well-being and happiness of their offspring in the eye, but taken into account with the functional stylish diaper bags the needs of wife and mother equally. The founders of Melanie Marshall and Suzi Bergman are even both mothers and know perfectly well from my own experience what requirements a good diaper bag. Continue reading Babymel Bag Department Store

Marsala Accessories: Fashion Color in 2016

When the Pantone, North American Technology Center that dictates the colors that will be used, announced the color that will be trend in many were with the foot behind.

Marsala is the color this year, a wine with brownish tints that touches on the company’s own words: “enrich the mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability.” Continue reading Marsala Accessories: Fashion Color in 2016

How to Choose a Wallet

Disclaimer: This is the third article of Michael and the second on the mark Anonymous Paris. This is more concrete and provides a good overview of what can be done in the portfolio at the variety of leather and constructions. The part on the choice of the portfolio isa really interesting: the models are good examples of formats to choose according to your needs. For example, all portfolios are not suitable for people as messy as me.

Continue reading How to Choose a Wallet

Women’s Sports Backpack

Wear it on your back

After school, work or cleaning the House, offer yourself a moment of relaxation and leisure, taking with you a few useful business in a cute backpack for woman.

A too long day deserves a moment of rest during which you can practice sport, swimming, go on weekend, biking, hiking or just a walk in the Park.

Be sure to have your phone, Tablet, your sweater and your book at hand, it would be better to be accompanied by a backpack for light woman who will be much more convenient.

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How to Choose the Right Backpack for Travel

If we did the percentage of travelers with a bag hung on their backs in airports around the world, it may be beyond the 50%. It’s just normal, the backpack has always been a certain idea of practicality, carefree, youth… Despite the meteoric rise of the very stylishsoft shell cases or rigid-hull with very clean lines, the backpack remains the darling of travellers. Especially among the young. Continue reading How to Choose the Right Backpack for Travel

Navajo Style Fashion

Have you ever heard in this style? He is an ethnic look that undoubtedly here to stay.This style is inspired by the clothes and accessories of Indian tribes of North America, especially the Navajo tribe, hence the name. This style comes up a lot on the streets, but not always on the catwalks and yet has been seen in parades of the São Paulo Fashion Week and Fashion Rio in 2011.

Also check out our special article on African Clothing, they are also super trendy.

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Womens Leather Wallet

Leather wallet for women, the best companion for your purse:

If the women handbag is often a universe where there is confusion and disorder (I speak from within, of course!), The leather wallet for women, the leather workers call “companion” or “all-in a “is the absolute opposite, as its ultra efficient design allows in seconds to get your hands on what is useful daily.

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Louis Vuitton Handbag Styles

On the threshold of its first 86 years, the Speedy Bag is still talk about thanks to a great talented history and passion!

For every house, for every great designer, there is one head, an evergreen that as soon as you can see is definitely understands what we are talking about big name. In our case the Speedy Bag is definitely the undisputed trademark of one of the largest and famous French fashion house Louis Vuitton! the story begins when the young Vuitton decided to become a maker of trunks, decision that, to date, could not have been better! After doing a good practice in a very famous shop in Paris of those years, he opened his first shop on Rue Neuve des Capucines , the first in a long line, revolutionizing the world of suitcases, inventing a new fool-proof locking system that He has turned into real treasure chests. It was not just what makes the great maison Vuitton: the trunk until then known, was reinvented and transformed from its original form to the round square. He was baptized Speedy , in honor of those travelers, globetrotters, who in the thirties began to travel in the world with a habit.

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How to Choose the Right Handbag?

What shape handbags will be most befitting your character?

When selecting handbags do not take the main criterion fashion trends. Your purse speaks mostly about you, and should therefore always perfectly complement your figure, so to stand out your personality. The handbag is the final icing on the cake of your image, and so she would have to underline it should show who you are and what style is yours!

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Furla Candy Bag Reviews

Furla there this summer chewy and colorful, a style that makes you want to dive into the sea, to spend days on the beach and going to parties Hawaiian unlikely to drink cocktails with little umbrellas! Furla amazes me more every day, the new collection is colorful and cheerful, one lively and casual style that I love, then this capsule collection all rubber and bright colors is absolutely irresistible. I, for one, I fell in love madly in the bag with the Passion , but also the one with the ‘orchid is absolutely wonderful. Continue reading Furla Candy Bag Reviews

John Richmond Handbags

Today we show you the images of dedicated to young people and celebrating with panache and a dash of rock style the season spring / summer 2011. We speak of a line in which lead the main characters are tissues such as skin and the denim, very fashionable in this period between adaptations and interpretations concerning both the clothing sector is that of footwear. The color choice enhances the black and the most proper rock-glam shades. Continue reading John Richmond Handbags

New Jimmy Choo Handbags Purses

Jimmy Choo had a strong desire to make us forget the snow, mist and cold and does so by proposing the very first models of its collection of bags Cruise 2012, a line according to the first pictures of betting everything on the most beautiful colors that best represent the hot season and prints brightly as in this case. By the way if you take a look at the collection on the official website of the brand, you will notice that both these reasons return on bags on shoes and accessories, in order to create a total look to match or mix to your liking! Continue reading New Jimmy Choo Handbags Purses

How to Maintain Leather Handbags?

True, with time, it becomes gray, but he would prefer fresh air as long as possible.

It pampers.

After purchase, is sprayed with a suitable (always clear) on the bag, at least 30cm away, not to create a halo. Once is enough, but even waterproof, it avoids making him (too) take the rain. Like the sun, he fades, it does not let in the rear window of the car … We do not cling to the radiator or nearby. It also makes sure that our raw denim, the unfixed dye, do not bleed on the bag, especially if it is clear (as in the case of color transfer, there is unfortunately much to do).

We clean every day.

It removes light soiling with a damp clean cloth and a little soap before letting dry in the open air. One can rub it with a clean cloth or cotton wool soaked in cleansing milk. On suede or nubuck, you pass a white gum or a suede brush. On the varnished leather, damp sponge. If grease stain, immediately sprinkled with soil Sommières. Big cat (like cat pee) is spun to a specialist leather …

To be beautiful long.

They are fed with natural leather balm (Renapur, 100% natural, in addition, enhances colors). To prevent the crackle varnish, it massages the leather with glycerin or petrolatum. Finally, to protect it from light, humidity and dust (which can be abrasive), it is put in a bag when you do not use it for long.

Tod’s Handbags

Even Tod’s offers us his ideas of accessories for the collection spring / summer 2011, which will complement and enrich its line of footwear and coordinated designed for the hot season. The collection of Tod’s bags has always been one of the benchmarks for the fashion industry, which is mainly due to the use of fine leather and the ability with which the brand can always interpret with class, must this season, the most glamorous trends and the quest for new things every woman.

We have already suggested the spring / summer collections of cool bags,first of all the lovely line designed by Baglib, but also the colorful and youthful collection of Zara, which proposes classic models next to the more youthful and saucy.

Tod’s also offers us a series of models in fairly classic forms, elegant design, clean lines and a touch of elegance and unique brand refinement.

You will see in the gallery this iconic model, the D-bag, dedicated to Princess Diana, presented in different variants, including the beautiful model in leather alligator or python pearl.

Also present were the mini-shopper patterns with shoulder strap in fresh colors ranging from fuchsia to green and blue, but also models of trunk and handbag properly in spring colors, including orange, purple, ending the most classic white, black and beige. In short, there is a little ‘something for everyone!

Which Travel Backpack to Choose?


There are those who prefer to travel by trolley, who with the bag or backpack. In my view the choice of luggage is done based on the type of trip you are about to embark on. Basically if you do ass walking or change many means, the backpack is the best choice, it is much more practical and convenient to carry. Also, the place is important, if the target is an underdeveloped country with battered roads and dirty, the trolley is discouraged.
We analyze some pros and cons:

Pro backpack

  • Easy transportation. Move to the city between steps, cobbled and public transport is extremely easier
  • The hands are always free
  • It is comfortable to wear
  • Easy to stow in the locker and media magazines

Against backpack

  • Are often damaged during boarding, the straps are torn and the content is poorly protected against impacts
  • Quality backpacks are more expensive than a trolley
  • Typically a backpack is more roomy and you are likely to fill it with unnecessary things
  • Even in the case of physical problems we will have to carry the weight of the backpack

Pro trolley

  • It’s less tiring to carry, of course the weight of the baggage does not burden on our shoulders but on wheels
  • The preparation of the case is simpler, as well as the content search
  • Our personal belongings are safe from bumps and is harder than the baggage is broken. Of course, if the guy doing his job correctly and not roll the bags as if they were pebbles
  • Don’t worry too much about the weight, because there is the problem of doverselo put on your shoulder

Against trolley

  • Awkward to carry around town, on stairs and streets little smooth
  • The wheels may be damaged on rough terrain and during boarding
  • Move into crowded places can be frustrating
  • The hands are always busy

Trekking backpack

Regarding backpacks are two alternatives: use a backpack, or a specific template. The choice should be made based on individual need: go on a holiday of pure trekking through the mountains, or are you searching a baggage convenient to carry than the classic trolley?

In recent years many companies have started to develop specific backpacks for travel, in the past the only possibility was to use the classic template. The latter has some limitations to be considered:

Limited access to clothes and material. Hiking backpacks usually have only the top door, which makes it necessary to unpack everything whenever we need to get something inside. For a short trip you can also turn a blind eye, but for long trips it gets rather annoying.
The top door is convenient for excursions, during which each time we arrive at your destination totally empty the backpack to set up. Instead, travelers don’t want to remove all whenever we move, but we just take the things we need at that time.
The backpack is equipped with lots of straps: to secure the pick-axe, Poles, crampons, to compress the content and adjust the position on your back. Functions useful for hiking but often unnecessary for a trip. The main problem is that you can embed anywhere, especially on the luggage conveyor at the airport, at the risk of damaging the bag.
If you loaded a backpack (but) I suggest you wrap it with the “films” at the airport, or place it in a bag rain cover. In addition to the problem of the belts, it sometimes happens that the luggage had been left in the pouring rain for some time during boarding, use with a cover can help keep your clothes dry.
In this regard the council the great sack Tatonka.

Travel backpack

The idea behind these templates is simple: the opening of the backpack is the same as that of a normal suitcase, so you can access the contents without problems. It is also almost always included a backpack “son” of a few litres for day trips, you can attach easily to the “mother” with a zip.
However not all gold that glitters, even the travel packs have their flaws, which are mainly related to the suspension system.
The shoulder straps and belt generally are not as advanced as in comfortable trekking backpacks are designed for wearing a backpack shortly and not to make long excursions. So, as I wrote earlier, if you plan to do several days walk from backpack trip perhaps is not the right choice.
The hinges which close the backpack are not always verified prior to purchase high quality, they are robust and possibly waterproof. In any case, I reiterate that the rain cover must always be purchased.
The shape of the bag is a little squarer and less balanced than its predecessor, although some companies are making several improvements to about by introducing multipurpose models.

With regard to the ability I would recommend stay within the 60 litres, unless special needs. Travel with a backpack too heavy is inconvenient and tiring.

Osprey Farpoint 55

It is perhaps the world’s most popular travel backpack, this is because it contains several features that make it a great product: comfortable, functional, easy to refill and sturdy.
The main building has a total of 40 liters of volume, able to accommodate garments and accessories for over two weeks of travel. The backpack from 15 liters is ideal for day trips, is practical, light and there are numerous pockets.
It is comfortable to wear and the load is well distributed on the back, thanks to the belt that keeps the bag in position. It can also be used for walking, because it is a very practical and comfortable, obviously not fully loaded because the straps are not very cushioned.
The models are waterproof, 3:55 (40L +15), 70 (55 + 15) each model has 2 sizes S/M and M/L.
I think it’s the travel backpack with the best value for money.

Deuter Traveller 70 + 10

Travel backpack of the famous German House, the Interior is very spacious and full of knitted pockets where to put small items. The bottom compartment can be isolated or connected to the main building.
It is very comfortable, shoulder straps and belt are padded and designed excellent, nothing to envy to a model. Same features for the backpack “by day”, well made and very comfortable to wear thanks to the strap at the height of the sternum.
The thing that I was not convinced much has the size, I think it’s far too large and you are likely to fill it with useless stuff.
It was also a “feminine” smaller version (Traveller 60 + 10 SL) because women have a shorter back on average than that of men. SL models have slightly shorter than standard backs, therefore they are also very suitable for people with a short back, irrespective of their gender.

A high quality, comfort and travel backpack finishes.

Cabin Max backpack carry-on

Time ago I bought this Pack to use as hand luggage on flights low cost, are satisfied with the purchase and then I plugged it in the list.
I begin by saying that we are talking about a product from 35 €, so one should not expect to have a backpack of quality comparable to the models listed above. However, has some good features, which are useful for short trips.
First, it is very light and very much larger than a regular trolley because you can press your clothes thanks to belts on the sides.
It is convenient to carry, a backpack is certainly more practical and you travel with ease, it is also relatively light given the dimensions.
The measure is 54x44x 29.5, slightly larger than that permitted ryanair (55x40x20) but is not a problem, being soft you can collapse easily. I’ve never had any problems when boarding.
Ultimately, quality is good, I don’t know how to hold shoulder seams, but at that price I’ve found something better. I recommend it.

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil

It is not just a travel backpack, I plugged it because it’s very useful as an “emergency” or backpack to use throughout the day, leaving the trolley in the hotel. When closed is curdling in its shell and fits in the palm of your hand, you can store in your bag or in a fanny pack. From open becomes a comfortable backpack 20 litres, spacious and relatively sturdy, of course is not suitable for transporting heavy loads.

Tatonka, backpack bag

When I travel with backpack I always use this bag, especially if I’m using a backpack mountaineering equipment that does not have the ability to hide the straps. It is durable and functional, I highly recommend you consider purchasing a bag of this type.

Shopping advice

Very often I shop on this site, because the prices are good and the shipping/return service is the best I have ever tried.
The shipping is free for orders over € 19, but is there a way to not pay for purchases of less.
By signing up you will have for 30 days free delivery in 1/2 days of work, useful for example during Christmas time to make purchases. But we must remember to cancel your subscription within 30 days, otherwise it will start paying € 19.99.
My advice is to cancel your subscription immediately after purchasing the product, the service still remains active on probation for 30 days.

Angelina Goes Shopping

A while ago I found a very special shop that charmed me. A real find!

The store calls Angelina goes shopping and is a stylish, with whole parts multi brand selected finger by partners and that, in addition to being a super charming house in Vila Olímpia, here in São Paulo, still houses a room for courses. Continue reading Angelina Goes Shopping