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How to Have Perfect Eyebrows for Your Wedding

Months before their wedding, brides begin an extensive beauty routine. This includes spa sessions, Reductor massages, exfoliations, waxing, treatments, hair, manicure, pedicure…However, many often forget their eyebrows. The truth is that if you don’t take care of this natural face frame, even the best of the makeup may not look spectacular. Continue reading How to Have Perfect Eyebrows for Your Wedding

What does RAM Stand for

For many years now, choosing a new device no longer relies only on the design or functionality as it has become increasingly important to have a powerful smartphone to run well all I can offer.

The main factor that can help us in this choice, in addition to the processor, you definitely have the Random Access Memory (RAM).


Well, this “random access memory” is responsible for running multiple applications. He keeps them open in “background” multitasking, then start although physically we were not on them.

If you have not understood completely that definition, I’m sure this example will help you!

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Meaning of URL

What is URL?

URL is the address of a resource available on a network, the internet or intranet, and means in English Uniform Resource Locator, and in Portuguese is known as Default Resource Locator (refer to

In other words, url is a virtual address with a path that indicates where the user is looking for, and can be either a file, such as a machine, a page, a Web site, a folder etc. URL can also be the link or address of a site.

A URL is made up of a Protocol, which can be either HTTP, which is a communication protocol, FTP which is a quick way to transfer files on the internet etc.

The format of the URL is defined by RFC 1738.

URL Shortener

A shortening of URL (or URL shortener, in English) is a tool that compresses many extensive links. Share links too big can be a problem, and for this reason, the dissemination of content online is easier when links are shorter. There are several tools that function like URL most widely, like TinyURL, Bitly,, etc.