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Sandal with Pom Poms

Sandal with tassels and pom pom: here are the nicest models for the summer 2016! Accessories with colored PomPoms are the trends you can’t miss. So, if you too are looking for fresh, fun and colorful shoes, you won’t be able to do is buy some sandals with tassels and multicolored PomPoms. But let’s find out what are the most beautiful models do not miss it! Continue reading Sandal with Pom Poms

Quechua Women's Shoes

How many of you are starting out or is about to pack your bags? What is the first thing a woman carefully selected before they choose clothes and accessories? Just shoes. Heels, ballet flats, sandals, summer poses several alternatives. But, as we all know, every time we can not bring the whole shoe together with us, to keep us company in the summer holidays and he always takes the horrible choice of the best pairs, comfortable, practical and casual, easily match the jeans and the elegant dress for sundowners on the seashore.

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Shoes Spring Summer 2014

There are simple things of which we women would never know without. Type I do not know,strawberries with cream, even when we are on a diet, the romantic movies, the shopping, replicas of MasterChef, the gossip with her ​​friends… And the shoes. Obviously in tandem with the bags. That shoes and more like stock exchanges. But that is not me I’m making: there are elite of scientific studies that have shown how these two types of accessories are capable of making us go into raptures even if we already have the full house and in a while we will be forced to tear down a wall and enlarge the closet to make them fit all.

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First Day of Work Shoes

We had fun, we partied, ate little (as always) and drank so much (as always even), danced up to not feel foot pain started after 20 minutes we were at the disco revenue. Yes, we were all in different places, but the customs, I’m sure, they were the same for all of us. Well, as I advised you what to wear to spend the last night of the year, I give you some suggestions on what to wear also the first working day of the year. The most tiring, one in which you would like to wear the short pajamas. Well, who has the ability to do it, he’s in bed and wear well as dressing gown and slippers, for those who for various reasons has to get dressed and go out, perhaps because they start working as from today (kind gift to my friend Paola).

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How to Choose Cowboy Boots

Let’s talk about shoes. I can already see that you are 45 teeth, smiling. I know that you have only 32, but I also know that when it comes to shoes we women are all happier. In some ways I maybe I am a little less because I speak tuuuuuttti day and at all hours in the office of shoes, but I guess that’s why I love my job so much. Today I want to talk to you about those who at this time are moving into the mainstream, and that above all, they’re going to spread more and more as a kind of shoe, in a few months. We speak then of autumn trends. Necessary that we prepare for well together, no one should be unprepared!

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Must Have Shoes This Season

Every year, every season there is a pair of shoes, a model that goes in particular and all of us, or nearly so, sooner or later, we tend to buy us. First was the zeppona, you remember? Then the return of the tip. And the sneakers with the internal wedge moving on to those with the flatform. This season, however, the sandals more in the season have the strap (ankle) the band (on the back of the foot) and possibly the chunky heel. Among the fashion bloggers are already depopulated, as well as in streetstyle. You know? They are seen above all in black, and the effect of the front shoe in question is that of the very sexy bare foot as only covered by the band on the back of the foot and ankle of a band that envelops our ankle.

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Remedies to Stretch Shoes

Honestly, I had never considered the problem (and painful problem!) To have the tight shoes in my shoe… until some time ago. My problem is called (goes) Miu Miu. For those who are fond of shoes or even a shoesaholic, like me, the Miu Miu shoes can be a really tremendous temptation and spending just 50 euro to Factory Store Miu Miu and Prada Levanella (Arezzo), this temptation can turn dangerously in a “I have to have them.” Of course, even if it means wanting to die for mignolino order to admit them because, given the price, it is often unique and as such unique numbers (series of pointless asking all’addetta sales “Excuse me, has a number above?”, the murderess gaze is implied and I have experienced it!). In short, you’ll see that the story tells of a pair of Miu Miu for a number under my, beautiful, economic, finished in my shoe, but never, never, never worn. Then I had enough and I turned on the internet. “Remedies to enlarge shoes”: and a world is open!

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Micam Italian Footwear

We have just completed one of the most important European shoe trade fairs, organized an event in Milan, the center of fashion and future trends: the MICAM.
Every year I look forward to these 5 days when I dive between literally hundreds and hundreds of companies offering absolutely wonderful models and innovative footwear and accessories. My family, as you know, been handed down for generations love and passion for the world of shoes and I’m not going to feel bound by what seems to become a “doom” … .So Sunday afternoon I landed in Milan, I did a quick lap in the center to watch a Milan that was preparing the upcoming Fashion Week, hot shower and to bed early. I already knew that the following day would be very tiring.

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Glagla Shoes for Running

For all those who, despite the heat to the sport do not want to give up now I submit Glagla Shoes, shoes designed for the summer!

Produced in 50 countries and with a weight that does not exceed 200 grams, these are the coldest shoes that there are on the market. Squeeze the trendy eye lowering itself different patterns and colors, are odor and this is no small thing, especially when you go to the gym come invested by a terrible smell!

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Derby Shoes Review

By slightly british taste, clean, shiny, tiratissime and touch so serious and elegant. The derby model shoe is really a must for this winter, but also one of those things that’s always been there and always resists, despite everything. Like those friends who want well even if you do not call every day. You know you are there and when you need, there are. Here, all we should have a pair of shoes derby model in our closet… always. But let’s start from the base, from what we should know and we need above all to know to recognize and choose our “perfect derby.”

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Foot Cleavage Shoes

The care of the legs could be a real job. We all know: creams and creams, mud, so much water, no heels, healthy eating, a little salt… argh argh argh! It is not easy, is it? I know very well: for setting up my legs are strong and therefore have gazelle legs for me and it will be virtually impossible! However, over the years, I learned a few tricks, you know? The length of the skirt should be proportional to the length and shape of the legs, neither too long nor too short: eye brim! And then, nothing socks cropping the leg or Paris that squeeze the flab! Eye also to the shoes: bandits sandals with ankle strap and stiletto heels too when the leg is strong! And then … the tricky par excellence to stretch your legs for optical effect, you know? A pair of flesh-colored cleavage!

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