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Achadões Of The Week: Special Jeans

When we spoke of camel (my favorite tone of this winter), we did a post from Achadões one piece dedicated to the theme. Therefore, as in I did find post on the trend of the total jeans, I thought it would be a good again and do a whole Achadões jeans! Let’s go? I loved thisjogger pants of C & A. The jogger model has a sport footprint that I love, the jeans give a casual touch soft and super comfortable and middle leaves stained pants with a new guy. Continue reading Achadões Of The Week: Special Jeans

Clothesbrush of Scooter Jackets

Neither the visual appearance, nor the longevity of the clothing is optimized with the typical 08/15 treatment. Even those who wear their suits, jackets and even shirts in professional cleaning, spend money on it, and do nothing else, is not the most efficient. Rather, this is often unnecessary and even bad for the tissue-less of it is often more. For a bit you should also hand yourself. Continue reading Clothesbrush of Scooter Jackets

Fashion Advice for Curvy Figures

Every body has his clothes that highlight the shapes and hide physical flaws. There are bosses who make dietary spells but only tricks to appear at its best. This guide will provide tips for curvy women, curvy girls!

Are increasingly fashion brands who are dedicated to clothing for sizes over 46 but maybe this still is not enough. Sure, it’s comforting to know that if you are a bit more “curvy” you can still make a seat d shopping at

Continue reading Fashion Advice for Curvy Figures

What to Wear Blue Shorts with

Thanks to French fashion designer Gabrielle Chanel wardrobe women added this flexible and practical sort of shorts. Then they had a lot of changes and additions. Today, designers have created a wide range of different styles and colors of boxers to Bermuda. The new season is blue shorts of different styles.
Summer blue shorts are very practical and comfortable, they can be worn with the shirt and light cotton shirt. In addition, they are fully in tune with heels and without. Continue reading What to Wear Blue Shorts with

Emma Watson Has Transformed Bela

If you go to the cinema from Thursday, 16, check out the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast will notice some news – and they go beyond the performances of Emma Watson and  Dan Stevens. As a feminist and spokeswoman for the UN’s He for She campaign , for example, the 26-year-old actress made it a point, along with director  Bill Condon , to make Bella’s character more real . Continue reading Emma Watson Has Transformed Bela

Clothes for Dogs

If You Live In a Region Where Winter Is More Strict, i Must Have Wondered If Your Puppy Can Get Cold At Night Or Even During Walking On a Leash. Will The Clothes For Dogs Can Help Or Are Only Aesthetic Accessories?

During the winter, especially in the colder regions, we all need warm clothes, gloves, coats and scarves to withstand the cold. As the human being is a species with little body hair, we can’t adequately protect us against the cold. But sometimes we forget that not all dogs have abundant coat, and many races are not fully able to protect himself against the cold. That’s why some dogs need more attention in relation to care in winter than others. Continue reading Clothes for Dogs


I already showed you the → colorful jacket X – two – the second piece that I’ve been looking out for me, is this blouse (I’m small 1.60 m) going through thanks to my size as a short dress.→ Frankfurt I she had discovered already thanks to the beautiful and unusual prints, however as a “right”, short blouse with buttons. It is more a tunic and I find it very good, I can taillieren you with the belt – so it flatters my figure best. 🙂 Because I’m currently in the mood for color, I have my teal art leather jacket (with fake-fur collar, which is also removable, but he is far too cuddly!) played, that I had said yes yesterday shortly.I am a big fan of hers and they already had in the spring, when I the → first time in via Appia was, seen and quite eagerly waiting for this, that she finally comes to stores. Since a short time, she is finally online available and also the weather fits very much with you on the road to be. Continue reading Outfit

Personal Freedom of Clothes

Personal Freedom, Common Happiness!

“You go five weeks without Henry, pregnant?” I was asked several times by acquaintances with large eyes.Yes, I replied. Why not, I thought. Of course it would be nice if we all this small Bali adventure could live together, no question. I’m sure that is something that I would hope. But it is not possible that for various reasons. A little more flexible job and compulsory education. Just something. Continue reading Personal Freedom of Clothes

Lingerie for the Bride: Which Lead to the Honeymoon?

I still don’t know what the ideal lingerie to take for your honeymoon? We have some tips!

The honeymoon is long-awaited as the marriage, agree? Might not even be the first trip of the couple, but it certainly will be very special and romantic for it needs to be planned in advance. If you are planning your honeymoon, one of your questions should be:”what lingerie should I bring?”. The underwear need special attention and need to be well chosen. Continue reading Lingerie for the Bride: Which Lead to the Honeymoon?

The Plus Size Fashion

Only super slim women can wear the trend components of the season?Horseplay. We show 9 plus size bloggers who really great set her curves with the new summer fashion scene-and reveal their styling tricks.

Many clothing stores like to banish Plus-size women in an extra corner. But many of them want to shop the same fashion as the thin girls and wish for no special treatment here! We find: curvy women should as well as slim women the choice have to dress fashionable and trendy. You are yes no other species, but the same women – only slightly rounded. If a woman looks good or not, is not a question of body, clothes, BRA – or shoe size.

Continue reading The Plus Size Fashion

Sleep Bra Is Okay?

Clarify your doubts about sleep bra

Sleep bra is a habit for some people, but always a doubt in people’s minds if there is any problem in doing this for a long time. Even more than ever received a lot of information, and from a variety of sources (reliable or not) and in the end you never know what decision to take. If you are one of those who grew up listening to your mother’s sleep bra is bad then read this post to help clarify your questions! Continue reading Sleep Bra Is Okay?

Sandals Envernized: Photos and New Beams

Let’s pause now to show off beautiful varnished sandals. Both skirts, as well as some with heels. For sure you will love it too, because these colors of varnished sandals are quite bright, leaving the footwear super attractive. So, come with us and join us in these valuable tips that will be passed on throughout the article. Continue reading Sandals Envernized: Photos and New Beams

Vintage Fashion

For a long time the thrift stores were considered dusty places and filled with old clothes and bad taste.This stereotype, however, was abandoned and bought in thrift shops is a constant reality in many people’s lives. If before the thrift stores were a good choice only for the financial question, today, pieces bought in these places are synonymous with exclusivity and style .

The fact that the stores sell old pieces is a great attraction for those who like the fashion of other decades and want to include pieces from these times in their looks. Simply pan to find pieces that fit your style. Continue reading Vintage Fashion

Have the Mias Beautiful Look Wearing the Modern Mini Skirts

Women always look for the best options in current fashion clothing and so I come up with a tip that is doing very successful which are the beautiful models of mini spout skirts that are making even more successful jeans models.

With summer looks in high skirts are the most used and the short models are very successfulbecause they come versatile and make the difference for women who always look for the best options. Continue reading Have the Mias Beautiful Look Wearing the Modern Mini Skirts