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Sneakers: How to Use and Where to Buy

Sneakers–How To Use And Where To Buy The Models

The new craze in the world of fashion is tennis. The “Sneakers” evil emerged and have won thousands of fans. At first, some say that in your closet the new darling of the fashionistas have no spots, but after experiencing the comfort of this shoe a little flashy and unusual becomes everyday footwear. The brazilian designer Arezzo has four beautiful tennis models, see where to buy them online and how to match your clothes. Continue reading Sneakers: How to Use and Where to Buy

How to Wear: Band T-Shirts

Hard to imagine that girl ever had a band as inspiration. It is also difficult to imagine that the girl never felt like expressing this enormous feeling for her heart band. Some, like me, have found a way to show this love through the shirts.By the way, every girl I know has at least one in the wardrobe, whether it’s recent or teenage time. Continue reading How to Wear: Band T-Shirts

White Dress: New Fashion Trend

Considered to be the new black, the white dress is the basic color of the next summer. For being a neutral tone, it combines with all colors and allows a multitude of looks, from romantic to Classic rockers, and moderninhos. In addition to instantly illuminate the face of the wearer, highlighting visual and transmitting freshness and lightness. Continue reading White Dress: New Fashion Trend

Men’s Country Hats Photos

Country fashion gained momentum in the 1990s. At first it was a style only worn by Americans, even though it was in the United States where such clothing was born. In the country, clothing is worn by people living in rural areas, such as the state of Texas. Here in Brazil, people who like the country style, use in rodeos and pawns parties, or even day-to-day on farms and sites. Continue reading Men’s Country Hats Photos

Ask Manolo: Bathrobe?

Hi, I am the girlfriend thought I update my boyfriend’s wardrobe with a stylish dressing gown, so that he gets a reason to do away with its current, a horrendous history of fleece, at least two sizes too small. But, I’ve been looking around a bit, and not found anything cleanly, and of therefore I turn to Manolo for advice. What I’m looking for is a stylish dressing gown for around 1000 SEK, possibly slightly higher. Do you have tips on marks and/or stores in the Gothenburg area, both I and my boyfriend be your forever grateful! Sincerely Hanna Continue reading Ask Manolo: Bathrobe?

How to Make a Bow Tie

A little history…

The bow appears in the nineteenth century, derived from a necktie that was invented by Beau Brummell, famous English dandy early century. The tie is wrapped several times around his neck and tied not to the sides fall on the shirt. Rectangular, wide asymmetrical knot narrow chevron pattern, the node then appeared in all its forms and already had his worshipers.

Continue reading How to Make a Bow Tie

Corset: Tips, How to Use

The corset is a piece that leaves any woman more sensual, because it lowers the waist, outlining the female body well. Originally, it was created to be an intimate piece, but as time went on, women began to dare and it is often left completely on display, mainly because it is a beautiful, elegant and sensual piece.So here are some tips on how to wear a corset. Continue reading Corset: Tips, How to Use

Achadões Of The Week: Special Jeans

When we spoke of camel (my favorite tone of this winter), we did a post from Achadões one piece dedicated to the theme. Therefore, as in I did find post on the trend of the total jeans, I thought it would be a good again and do a whole Achadões jeans! Let’s go? I loved thisjogger pants of C & A. The jogger model has a sport footprint that I love, the jeans give a casual touch soft and super comfortable and middle leaves stained pants with a new guy. Continue reading Achadões Of The Week: Special Jeans