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How Do I Style a Denim Jumpsuit?

In the absence of a sunny blog time… You already know Kommunion (for the dear wishes of you I would like to thank you very much) and so-I did not get it to the series, to write a decent post. But in any case I wanted to thank for the place on a great list with Vanessa Pur. She added me to her top 10 blogger list, among other grandiose ladies. I am really happy about it, it means a lot to me-thank you dear Vanessa. Continue reading How Do I Style a Denim Jumpsuit?

Aristocrat Chic

Preppystilen has dominated the spring. The dream of the perfect Ralph Laurenstilen has received a jeans country to start to dress in chinos and jackets of seersucker. Unfortunately the effect when a style is becoming too widespread that it inhibits rather than inspires. As a counterbalance to the tillknäppta needed, therefore a new fashion ideal. An ideal that provides space for continental elegance, where materials become the basic element. Continue reading Aristocrat Chic

Tip: Give Some Time For Jeans

The jeans have become so common in our life that is almost unthinkable to delete it from our wardrobe, especially after he became a piece accepted, even on the desktop, but once in a while is a good exercise in style and creativity give a break to the old denim and try the options in tailoring you are beautiful , elegant and comfortable. Continue reading Tip: Give Some Time For Jeans

How to Wear a Business Suit

Today we live in a world where appearance is ranked first among the conditions for success in his career. Maybe some of you would argue that, but to have education and professional skills, unfortunately not enough. The clothing is very important – it has the ability to attach weight to persuade.

Businesslike attire – both men and ladies play an important role in our daily lives. And if you do not know enough specifics him, we could not take advantage of its benefits. That is why in this article I propose to meet with the composition and elements of male business attire. Continue reading How to Wear a Business Suit

How to Choose Gloves to Man?

Once is not custom, we will talk about gloves: all but incidental accessory lately …

Maybe the topic you seem very simple and you say, “it’s just a story to try to find his gloves size and take a pair with a beautiful leather”. Yet here there is also plenty of small details to check, and that’s what we’ll see: how to choose gloves? Continue reading How to Choose Gloves to Man?

How to Wear a Bomber Jacket

The Bomber jackets have returned and with more force with never, overflowing style and creativity, and that is why we are going to dedicate this article to propose garments that perfectly combine with these exclusive and modern winter jackets. Do not miss it and write it down, because here we leave you some ideas both economical and simple to combine with the greatest glamor possible your bombers. Continue reading How to Wear a Bomber Jacket

Tips of Looks for Women with Big Breasts

Unlike some time ago, the boobs, today, are at an all-time high, with women filling offices in search of surgeries in which may give a turbocharged in this region.

So, only boobs require some attention at the time of production, unlike average breasts, tired, if there is a certain criteria in time to choose the clothes, the result does not harmonious. With that in mind, we decided to show through here options of looks for women with large breasts, as well as hints of what should or should not be part of your wardrobe: Continue reading Tips of Looks for Women with Big Breasts

Cheap vs Expensive Fashion

Haute Couture from head to toe? By due! The motto of the celebrities is likely: Smart pimping is half the battle! If the Stilettos cost is several hundred dollars, suddenly how tailored looks even the cheap dress! Or: a day is in the Haute Couture gown at the event, the next time the star-style ranges from the rod. With this clever fashion rules, the VIP ladies protect your fashion budget.

A fan of clever mixing is also actress Elizabeth Olsen (23). But see which of the two leather looks comes from the chain and for which outfit she had to invest several thousand euros? After the jump, there are the resolution of…

Continue reading Cheap vs Expensive Fashion

Spring/Summer 2016 on Maria’s Closet

Girls, you guys still have a hard time being heard in spring/summer 2016? We’re already warning that the issue is not going to end any time soon … kkkkkk … calm down because there are still many fashion editorials coming around. It’s not our fault that appear every day news, releases, invitations to cocktail parties, at last, the shops are miiilll per hour and we just follow the rhythm. Therefore, continuing to our posts, today is the time to present you the new collection of MARIA’s CLOSET, shop fooofa of Campo Grande (MS), which we love. Focused on attending the female audience with quality clothing and cheap, the MARIA’s CLOSET is the type of “Fast Fashion” store where you can find options for the day-to-day as well as for parties. Continue reading Spring/Summer 2016 on Maria’s Closet

How to Wear a Bolero Jacket


The eye, you know, wants its share, in fact, our first business card is ourselves. Treat your own look and stay fashionable is an important aspect to be integrated into society, the working environment in the purely comic fashion. For example, in this guide we will see how to combine a bolero style jacket, a very versatile for us women, ranging from elegant to casual. Continue reading How to Wear a Bolero Jacket

Latest Fashion Trends for Fall

You are not yet ready for fall fashion? We can change: As much as we want to hold on to even sweet Minis and crunchy Bermuda, make cool denim looks and patterns classics to the color trio of blue, gray and muddy colors fancy new smart particles in the autumn wardrobe. With the new Autumn-/Winter Collections, we usher in a restrained the late summer revival, without losing the freshness in the outfit.

It even vibrates a little summer: the deep blue of the Atlantic coast and the green lush pine forests. For many, the summer already hot memories added. Now Looks are prominent, which can carry men and women loose in the domestic pedestrian. Today we retain the coolness factor in two respects-namely with our Mixed Boys and girls shoot.

Continue reading Latest Fashion Trends for Fall

Fashion for Grandma

Decide what to wear in everyday life is an exercise in creativity to any woman. And, for those who have more than 50, is an interesting challenge: how to get out of your wardrobe basics, respecting your own biotype and getting comfortable? On the eve of the grandparents ‘ day, celebrated on July 26, invite a blogger superligada in fashion, the Gaucho Mireia Borges, 59 years old, to be our model for a day and show that it is always possible to dare us everyday looks. Continue reading Fashion for Grandma