Casio G-Shock Gw-A1000-1aer Premium Funk+Solar Watch

The top model Gravity Defier GW-A1000-1AER from the Casio PREMIUM Collection was developed in close cooperation with  Royal Air Force pilots. In addition to the highest precision , radio and solar, this model also has a thermometer function (-10°C/+60°C ), Smart Access technology (details below),automatic pointer adjustment, and a unique design. The Casio G-Shock Premoum model is equipped with several motors:  hour, minute and second hands are controlled by different motors.
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Photo: Casio GW-A1000-1AER
The fusion of multifunctionality and ease of operation.
Localtimezone provides the technical features of the watch in detail for your reference:
The watch makes a lot of noise without taking any damage. The shock resistance provides protection on impact and shock.
Solar Function
Independent and environmentally friendly, solar cells provide the power supply to the clock. Surplus solar energy will be stored in a battery.
Radio Signal Reception (EU, USA, Japan, China)
Whether in Europe, North America and Japan, or in large parts of Canada, Central America and China-after the clock is set to the local time zone, it receives the corresponding radio signal and always shows the exact time. In many countries it also sets the summer and winter time quite independently.
The hands and/or the index are fluorescent coated and illuminate in the dark when the watch was previously exposed to a light source.
Thermometer (-10°C/+60°C)
A sensor measures the ambient temperature of the watch and displays it in degrees Celsius (-10°C/+ 60°C).
World Time Function
The World Time function displays the time in up to 29 different time zones.
Date and weekday display
The clock displays the current day date and the day of the week.
Stop function-1/20 sec-2 hours
For athletes and those who want to know exactly: Elapsed time, split time and end time are measured with an accuracy of twelfth second. The measuring capacity of the watch is up to 2 hours.
Timer-1/1 Min.-1 hour.
For those who want to know exactly: The countdown timer helps to remember special or recurring events by sending an acoustic signal at the set time. The time can be adjusted in minute intervals and up to 1 hour in advance. This feature is especially convenient for daily medication or interval training.
Daily alarm
The daily alarm sounds when the alarm sounds every day.
Automatic Pointer Adjustment
The automatic pointers adjust the basic position of the pointers hourly and correct them, if necessary – both when moving, for example by shocks or by the influence of magnetism.
Crown Button Backup
Secures the crown button against accidental switching to another operating mode.
Smart Access Technology
The Smart Access system allows the clock to be set quickly and intuitively via an electronic crown. By pressing and turning, functions such as the stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm or world time can be easily adjusted. This model is equipped with several engines.
More about smart access on the Casio homepage
Automatic Calendar
Once set, the automatic calendar always shows the correct date.
Mineral glass
The hard, scratch-resistant mineral glass protects the watch against unsightly damage.
Stainless steel resin housing
Resin Arm Resin is made of synthetic resin and is the ideal material for bracelets due to its extreme durability and flexibility.
Water resistance classification (20 bar)
Perfect for outdoor use without appliances: The watch is water-resistant to 20 bar/200 meters. The meter specification does not refer to a diving depth, but to the air pressure, which was applied in the course of the water tightness test. (ISO 2281)
54.1mm x 51.7mm x 16.4mm (H x W x D)
approx. 85 g
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