Carrot Pants Trends

Carrot pants part of these completely timeless clothes that will always be different brands on the shelves. Here are a few tips to wear it with panache.

There are some pieces that can be found in almost all the dressings of France and Navarre. Because they are timeless or simply practical, these clothes have become the essential of the closet. Which to choose? How to wear? Follow the guide!
Carrot pants, it’s the one with the Cup Round on the hips, but right or tight on the ankles. It is often done either in a fluid material type silk or cotton, is a subject to fall heavy, like wool. With its cut both classic and modern, it very quickly became a staple of fashion, and it is found in the collections of brands from year to year, regardless of the season!
It can be considered difficult to wear, especially when we have shapes, but that nay: chosen in a rigid and door cloth with small heels, it will also fine on go round buttocks. You’re already convinced or that you stay a little skeptical, I made you today three selections shopping to show you that the carrot trousers can be the best friend of all your looks.
You choose your favorite among these proposals!

A casual look chic, very easy to create with a carrot pants

  1. Blue carrot pants, which looks very comfortable, Asos (€34.99)
  2. A neckline top, to create you a discreet and elegant neckline H & M (€12.99)
  3. A semi-long coat, to keep you warm and give you a chic with all your outfits-I have it, I know what I talking, Topshop (€80)
  4. A rigid bag, very pretty and who goes with everything, River Island (€45)
  5. A pair of stilettos, not too high, so that you can walk pepouze without break you ankle, New Look (€19.99)

A trendy look and quirky, also feasible with carrot pants

  1. Black carrot pants, a little less puffy on the hips than the first, so easier to wear, Forever 21 (instead of € €19,45 15,37)
  2. A short neck collar, very fashionable again next spring, Mini In The Box (€2.93)
  3. A t-shirt gaudy, very cool and will give a good mood to your outfit, Monki (€15)
  4. A holographic bag, always as cool, Asos (€30.99)
  5. A denim jacket, you can also find in thrift store if you don’t have the budget for it, Urban Outfitters (€80)
  6. A pair of platform shoes, even more stylish than me when I’m hanging out in my underwear in my apartment (it’s not hard at the same time), Pull & Bear (€45,99)

Put carrot pants in value by an elegant rock outfit

  1. Nude pants which goes superbly to a dull skin to dark, Missguided (€35)
  2. A perfecto, all the rock dressing room must-have jacket, River Island (€80)
  3. A denim shirt, another essential of the closet, H & M (€29.99)
  4. A pair of black Sandals to wear with socks of color for a little fun in your outfit, Topshop (€80)
  5. A tote, simple and practical, he’s cool, he thinks he’s not the head, Mango (€25.99)