Care/Repair Damaged Hair

When you’re an addict look changes, especially with your hair, often problems occur regarding your care. Dyes, discoloration or permanent, greatly damaged our hair, so hair will suffer these changes and it shows in their appearance than this it hurts you.
Today we bring you some tips on how to care your hair.
1. not dye us full hair
It is much healthier to keep the root of the natural tone and, thus we won’t have to tweak us it every so often, but it we will hold long.
2. use temporary dyes
These do not have ammonia, making it less damaging. In addition, you are flushing over time, without having to cover it with another dye.
3. apply coconut oil
So we heat a few seconds in the microwave and apply it on the tips then. We can wrap our hair in aluminum, so we’ll keep the heat and this treatment will be even more effective. Leave it act for about 30 minutes and then wash it. Wash it with cold water because the hot much weakens the hair it is recommended.
4. forced Court
If there is no remedy, the solution is to cut. Damaged hair is much more appreciated in light colors, so it is, but we cut, we dyed our hair a darker color to disguise it. We must cut little by little, probes, and go trying to recover the rest of the hair.
We hope that these tips have enjoyed and that you are very useful.